Freder Seric – “Insecure”

 Freder Seric – “Insecure”

Does this only work in movies?

If you’ve ever felt “Insecure” in your life, no worries, Freder Seric’s got you.  With a brand-new single released from his upcoming April 30th album called Chase Your Dreams, artist Freder Seric creates a cut for the people out there struggling with their confidence; “Insecure,” provides insight through his life-experience and a set of relatable lyrics that many listeners are sure to feel like they’ve lived themselves.  Combined with his gift for creating Electro-music stocked full of creative dynamics & vibes designed to catch your ears, and summoning the courage to sing about what makes him uncomfortable in an effort to find his own true strengths, Freder keeps his words movin’ with style & composure, pivoting & shifting off the bounce in the music in to get his maximum potential into every syllable.  Check out what he’s got goin’ on and how he does his thang – click play on Freder Seric’s new single “Insecure” below!

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