Fray-Chek – “No More Shadows”

 Fray-Chek – “No More Shadows”

I know the sound of something special starting when I hear it.

I’m not just talking about the new song “No More Shadows” – I’m talking entirely about this new solo project altogether…you can genuinely hear the seeds of real magic in music being sewn throughout the length of this sparkling debut tune by Fray-Chek.  Notice the organic & naturally beautiful sound that “No More Shadows” begins to display immediately, and just how inviting the vibe truly is.  Fray-Chek is providing you audible confirmation that the water is plenty warm folks, so dive on in to a sea of blissfully welcoming & warm sound, complete with contrasting imagery & thought-provoking lyricism for ya.

What’s not to love here?  Especially considering the fact that “No More Shadows” is the FIRST experience we get to have with the music of Fray-Chek.  Is someone out there really going to try to convince me they’re not hearing what I’m hearing in this stellar single?  If this is where Fray-Chek is starting out, believe me when I say it’s almost impossible to fathom what this project could go on to create over these next several years; it’s rare to hear an artist or band in any genre come out this strong & unique right out of the gate, which is every indication our ears should need to know that this one, will go the distance.  You can’t miss the passion & sincerity radiating from the melody in Fray-Chek’s music.

All-in-all, “No More Shadows” contains a mesmerizing mix of gentle Pop, Indie, and Soul, all wrapped up in a delicate & inviting style that has a remarkable chance of reaching a highly widespread audience with so much crossover sound working in favor of Fray-Chek.  From the absolutely essential harmonies & background vocals, to the bold tones of the lead ringing out into the mix & soothing our souls in the process, to the instantaneous beauty added by the warmth of the organ glow…everything stacks up to a gorgeous experience with the music of Fray-Chek & a first impression you’ll seek to repeat over & over.  Somewhere between The Head And The Heart and Bon Iver, with a dash of something even more exotic like the magic you’d find in bands like Sigur Ros, a splash of Southern Soul/Pop like you’d get from Better Than Ezra & the intimacy and heart of acoustic-based sound we know, love, and consider to be timeless for plenty good reason.  You get ALL that good stuff, rolled into the fabric of “No More Shadows” & so much more…y’all know I have a tendency to be right about the future superstars of tomorrow, and I’m tellin’ ya with full confidence that I certainly believe we’ve found one here in the music of Fray-Chek.

“No More Shadows” is well above the batting average for a debut by any measurement – it’s an outright stunning gem that’s definitely put Fray-Chek on my radar, and I have every reason to believe you’ll feel the same.  There’s a full album rumored to be coming out on August 17th this year in 2020 – stay tuned!

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