Fransoafran – “Tyrian Dance”

 Fransoafran – “Tyrian Dance”

If you had a chance to tune into the SBS Podcast yesterday, you not only heard the new single “Tyrian Dance” by artist Fransoafran, but you heard a ton of details about the music he makes and a whole bunch of well-deserved praise.  In the event that you didn’t catch the show, have no fear – you can find it any time you like by clicking right here – and to make sure we’ve got all the angles covered in our support for Fransoafran’s music, we’ve got the video as promised here on our page for you all to enjoy.

To be truthful, each and every time I’ve had the privilege of listening to “Tyrian Dance” or watch the video, Fransoafran has retained every ounce of my attention – I think he’s created a truly spellbinding single & highly sensory experience you can feel flow right from the speakers & screens and connect straight to your soul.  Having grown up around instrumental & orchestral music of all kinds, it was instantly apparent to my ears just how much talent & technique that Fransoafran plays with – but quite honestly, even if this was your first foray into the world of sound the violin can create, I don’t think anyone could miss the stunning skill on display through the professional approach this artist possesses.  Hopefully by now, you’ve either heard his music on our show, clicked play on that video above, or at least somehow experienced “Tyrian Dance” in some way, shape, or form – because this is like witnessing the audible definition of what real art SOUNDS like.  Sure there are songs out there that you can feel & songs that you can appreciate even if they aren’t your normal jam – but what Fransoafran has created with his single “Tyrian Dance” goes even further beyond that – this is the kind of exceptional connection to music that has charm, charisma, and a genuinely captivating sound capable of pulling in new fans from all over the place.  In short, Fransoafran is the kind of artist that has the vision & talent required to lead the way for the rest to follow; the kind of artist with the ability to bring new listeners to the genre itself, and open the doors of music wider than ever in a way that encourages people to discover MORE.

What a phenomenal musician!  I swear, each time I have another spin through “Tyrian Dance,” that’s pretty much the only thought in my head, over and over – this man knows his instrument.  Perhaps more importantly, he understands his passion, and he knows exactly how to connect what’s in his mind & in his heart to the music he’s making – and that’s not only what you can hear in a song like “Tyrian Dance,” it’s something you can visually SEE with your own eyes as well as he’s playing.  The video is brilliantly well-shot and contains everything it truly needs & not one iota more – I think the way the shots have been arranged and how the scenes overlap to create a visual flow that moves so perfectly in tandem with the music was insightful and put together in a really elegant, simple-but-innovative design.  The resulting combination of mediums between the sight & sound of “Tyrian Dance” is breathtaking stuff without question – it’s graceful, bold, beautiful…& the star of the show is relentlessly entertaining.

Emotionally expressive, sleekly designed, radiantly sincere…a person could go on & on about the music of Fransoafran for days and never run out of adjectives to describe just how many things are going RIGHT for this artist when it comes to this new single.  From the spectacular melody to the gripping way it’s performed, to the tone & demeanor of both the artist & his violin – Fransoafran excels in creating magnificent instrumental entertainment designed to make a lasting impression on all who listen, 100%.  If it seems like I’m ranting and raving about the guy, I promise you that’s only because I AM – talent like his deserves the recognition, the accolades, and an audience of loyal ears all around the globe.  He’s definitely got my attention and landed squarely on my radar with “Tyrian Dance” – I’m blown away by his outstanding composition, stunned by his composure & the professionalism in his execution, and left with nothing but massive respect for the amount of passion Fransoafran has for the art of music & his ability to transmit that love, to all of us listening.  Exceptional music in every sense of the word – “Tyrian Dance” is a perfect moment in time.

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