Franki Love – “Walking Wounded”

 Franki Love – “Walking Wounded”

Franki Love – “Walking Wounded” – Single Review

Much has changed in the life of Franki Love since we last reviewed her music and examined her single, song-writing & singing on her previous release “Lullaby.” Though we had only first uncovered her music just about 5-6 months back, in the process of listening we discovered a beautiful artist, gorgeous voice and incredible all-around, caring & sincere human-being. What we didn’t know about at the time, was what the extra-glow surrounding Franki was being caused by…she’s beautiful by natural-design, but there was something else there too…

As it turns out, when we first interacted with Franki Love, she was about a month or so away from the birth of her daughter…and that glow can only be described as pure-love for the new Love. As the months would go on, Franki took to motherhood wonderfully, often praising the new baby for continually inspiring her – AND…like a GREAT parent does – she’s been playing music for the little one for at least twenty-minutes each day. Smart move Franki, smart move! Not only are you a fantastic musician and song-writer yourself, but clearly you have plans to raise another one!

I suppose what I’m saying is we got love for how you got Love m’lady – know what I mean? 🙂

Anyhow…that’s what you’ve missed if you haven’t been online and you’re living in a cave that doesn’t allow solid independent-music to breach its rock-wall décor. We’ve kept our eye & ear out for what Franki is up to…she’s got a sweet tone to her gorgeous voice and always approaches music with the best of intentions. So…hearing that she’s released “Walking Wounded” had me naturally interested to hear what she’s putting out through the speakers now that she’s back to the writing and back to the music.

And of course, true to her solid-reputation of sweetness, emotion and powerful song-writing, she’s done exceptionally well on “Walking Wounded,” as we’d expected she would have. A truly fabulous storyteller through her words – it’s actually extremely impressive that Franki nailed the metering in the flow of this song when you read the poetry she’s written into the words. Yes there’s a rhyme-scheme to it to adhere to, BUT…there’s also an entire mouthful of words that cleverly form the rhythm to get it to it…and therein lies a lot of the magic within this song. Its piano-led, sparkling sound is graceful & empowering through its structure in the music…but truly it’s the smart vocal-flow to the verse that really gets this song going for me. There are SO MANY WORDS…but none of it feels like it’s coming out forced and Franki hits the beat perfectly with confidence and genuinely powerful emotions.

Reflecting on life and love in a song that seems to interconnect just like the movie Crash did (NOT…repeat NOT the Crash with James Spader/Holly Hunter…c’mon now people…) – Franki tells some tragic tales over the microphone, but never loses that hopeful/inspiring tone that fuels her energy, music and song-writing. No matter how dark it gets…she always finds a way to bring about a genuine brightness and sweetness to her melodies…Love is always a presence, and a strong one.

With its expanded, big sing-a-long style chorus…you can almost hear people singing this to themselves in their car on their way to & from if you put your speakers to your ears just right…she writes her stories in a relatable & comfortable style that sounds like your best friend doing their best to tell you some tragic news and help you past it. Music has always had a massive healing-aspect to it – and I think that Franki Love understands that power better than most ever will.

But the best thing about Franki Love and her understanding, use and wielding of that power over musical-emotion…is that she has always chosen to use it for the good of us all.

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