Francesco Amico Quartet – “Slow Motion”

 Francesco Amico Quartet – “Slow Motion”

Francesco Amico Quartet – “Slow Motion” – Single Review

I want to start this review with letting it be known that I am a fan of the Jazz music. As a child in school I joined the jazz-band in grade eleven as a drummer and that truly showed me the musical talents a musician needs to acquire in order to pull off the true style of jazz – all well-beyond the skill of any talents I found I had myself!

Before writing this, I did my homework on Francesco and was really impressed at the level of passion he has committed to. His music is made in a moving style; I also get very excited when I read the words of Francesco on his main website and how he shows his appreciation to the musical talents he has surrounded himself with. After reading a few paragraphs written by him, it was clear to me that he possesses a tremendous amount of gratitude for his fellow musicians and that Francesco is extremely passionate about the music he makes. With that being said, let’s talk about “Slow Motion…”

Francesco Amico Quartet starts this new song by setting the rhythm with low sounding guitar & saxophone, shortly followed by cymbals & percussion that make this song stand out quickly. It sets up an overall sound that really shines like ‘soul-jazz;’ and then in comes the stand-up bass to compliment the rest and tie it all in together perfectly.

One of the biggest things I look for in music is the build-up of the song itself; it really doesn’t take long into this song before it begins to expand. I know we’re hearing a strong swing beat at the outset, the instruments work very well together right away and “Slow Motion” becomes a really solid jazz piece quite quickly. Lots of tiny fills on the percussion – Francesco Amico Quartet begins to break into solos, keeping the drum beat & bass with skills that echo his years of schooling, practicing and refining his music. And to me – it sounds like it has all paid off; I really like this part in the song & the solo is very well-played.

It’s very clear as a viewer to the music video and just listening to “Slow Motion” that we’re witnessing & listening to very trained & talented musicians. After listening to the track several times and watching the video – I kind of wished I was in the studio with them and sharing in the magic & recording of this piece of music. Both visually and audibly surrounded by incredible talent – “Slow Motion” is a great track that stays true to real Jazz with a completely enjoyable sound and video to support it.

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