Foster Europe Band – “Another Round”

 Foster Europe Band – “Another Round”

This jam EXPLODES with the flavor, color, and character of the true spirit of ROCK.  Foster Europe Band is crushin’ it with a killer video supporting the fiery riff-fueled vibe on the new single “Another Round” – this is seriously exciting stuff to check out visually and audibly…it’s wild, it’s rhythmic, it’s got a strong tinge of the blues-meets-psychedelic goin’ on…and at the end of the day, this is straight-up FUN with a catchy & flashy sound that everyone can dig on.  “Another Round” is so loaded with hooks & players locked right into the moment, amped-up with pure Rock passion & energy that it would have easily made an impression on its own without a video – but that being said, now that it’s got one, you just can’t beat this combination – the vid is just as badass as the song is!  Check out “Another Round” by Foster Europe Band below!

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