Forest Robots – “Inevitable”

 Forest Robots – “Inevitable”

Forest Robots – “Inevitable” – Single Review

Unique ambitions in this project.  According to the pages online, Forest Robots is a solo project from Electro-artist Fran Dominguez and intended to be a “love letter about the wonders of nature to my daughter” – it’s not every day that you come across a project with ambitions & sentiment like that attached to it, that’s for sure.  A further peek into the social-media pages & info online revealed we have a lot in common beyond that when it comes to the music, he’s got bands & artists I love listed in the influences section like Four Tet, Boards Of Canada, Sigur Ros – hell, even Wham!, I’m cool with that too – and of course, he’s got my good ol’ hero Aphex Twin on there as well, which as some of you know, I have a tattoo of his logo on my left forearm proudly on display for all to see.  Reading all this kind of stuff gets me more than excited to push play – I feel like I must be Fran’s brother from another mother.

Forest Robots will combine a Post-Punk & subtle New Wave sound into the Electro-based vibes you’ll find on the brand-new single “Inevitable,” rocking that signature aspect of a real low-end voice in the mix to lead the way in the vocals, surrounded by vibrant & serene sounds from the lefts to the rights.  “Inevitable” on a lyrical-level, definitely delivers – and that’s where you’ll hear it tie-in most to the original concepts driving Fran and this project; he’ll run through several of the obstacles & struggles many of us face along the journey of life…the “Inevitable” moments & pivotal choices that we can all relate to & have to face ourselves at times.  The chorus becomes like a mantra…a solution, advice, or way to navigate the course of what his daughter will face in her lifetime, essentially encouraging her (and us as well by proxy) to follow her conscience, to trust her gut, and to know that by doing this, she’ll always truly know when she’s making the right choice or the wrong one no matter what situation she ends up in.  It’s not just sage advice Fran’s doling out here – it’s also a highly inviting tune to listen to.

It certainly doesn’t hurt at all that the music is as endlessly enticing as it is.  Forest Robots actually reminds me a lot of the best of the best that I used to find online from my old days spent on the Garageband website, many moons ago now…projects like Togos, The Field, and Lyua Dust…some of which are still around & going strong to this day as far as I know…I’m pretty sure The Field locked down a solid record deal at the very least.  Point being, “Inevitable” is a genuinely explorative & expressive style of Electro that’s bound to resonate strongly with you, just like those other acts have for me, for years & years to follow.  You’ll remember a single like this, either for its sentiment or sound – Forest Robots rock the advantage of a storyline & set of ambitions unique to itself, but make no mistake, everything you’ll hear from this single also proves that the appeal goes far beyond the narrative that comes with the music.  Right from the drop “Inevitable” puts forth a solid beat & colorful vibe into the energy & aura of this song, making smart switches into serene moments like around the 1:10 mark in the instrumental section between verses…and the repeating & hypnotically rhythmic hook of the chorus provides an additional warm layer of comfort, hope, and wisdom through the words for ya as well.  For a mid-tempo tune, you’ll be surprised by just how much uplifting sound there is guiding “Inevitable” along – the hooks might be subtle ones, chilled-out & low-key, but there’s no doubt about their effectiveness.  You’ll find memorable ones in the chorus, through the flow of the melody in the verse, and even in the arpeggio-style Electro that pumps the heartbeat of the sweetened sound you’ll find on “Inevitable.”  Vocally, maybe a tiny touch-up here & there could have made a tiny difference or polished this up a degree or two more, but I’m certainly not complaining about this single as it stands now and I doubt anyone else would either.  Fran has done a solid job in creating a multi-dimensional single that speaks on a sincere level, contrasts sound in exceptional ways, and generates a tangibly insightful vibe through its mix of emotions breaking through the murk & mire of its darkest scenarios with a clear burst of hope.

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