Five K – “The Cycle Freestyle”

 Five K – “The Cycle Freestyle”

Sincerity & passion make such a difference when it comes to the music we listen to – artist Five K’s got plenty of both and he’ll put that on display in the thoughts & emotions you’ll hear him spillin’ into the mic on “The Cycle Freestyle.”  Gifted with the ability to say exactly what’s on his mind, exactly how he wants to say it; his lyrics land in our ears with the strength of conviction that audibly confirms the man stands behind every single word.  Believe it or not y’all, that’s still mighty important in this world of ours – you can hear that artistic integrity is important to Five K in the poetic way he phrases his thoughts and laces his words with imagery we can see in 3D as he spits, like we’re there beside him the whole time.

Highly relevant in sound & style for what’s out there in the scene right now, Five K’s latest single explores the current trend of downtrodden music & melancholy vibes.  This is where that sincerity & passion make the difference once again – he’s not just riding the wave of what’s working for others, he’s embraced the craft and chosen to dive as deep as he possibly can into a type of music that connects to him, or at the very least, completely complements the thread of thoughts in the lyricism & suits the song.  Either way, that’s authentic and organic…he’s here making this style of downtempo-Rap/Hip-Hop because everything he’s saying is coming from a very real place, based on completely real experience.  Everything is tied together and comes around full-circle in “The Cycle Freestyle” – because it’s that strength in Five K’s connection to the material…how genuine, honest, and real his perspective, thoughts, and observations are…these are the elements that continue to stack up big-time & make it real for US.

Taking you through the story of what life is like in his daily grind and the mindset behind the man on the m-i-c – Five K spits with commitment, precision, swagger, and style all in-check.  It might not exactly be the happiest cut you’ll hear this year, but make no mistake – it’s raw, real, unfiltered – his words make sense, and even at their most tragic or heartbreaking, you relate & empathize when you listen, because the tone of his voice and the sincerity you’ll find in Five K continually confirms these words are based on experience.  Essentially, Five K’s put himself, his thoughts, his feelings, and his emotions straight into every second of this single, and as a result, you feel where he’s comin’ from, and get a rare glimpse behind the curtain to get a dose of what’s really real.  Dude’s got a ton of talent, definitely understands how to work the bars to his advantage, and puts serious thought into his words – you know we dig that here.  Odds are you will too – check out “The Cycle Freestyle” from Five K & click play on the vid below!

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