Feryl – “Room 13”

 Feryl – “Room 13”

Feryl – “Room 13” – Single Review

With some projects out there, the most fair way to review them is as a whole…lemme explain…

I think what Feryl is doing here has the potential and markings to be something special.  I can certainly relate to the guy…after struggling with depression throughout his life, he’s busting out into his own and blossoming in the music-scene as he embraces his time in the spotlight…our lives definitely intersect in that respect.

Musically…I dig what he’s come up with as an idea for “Room 13” – and even though it’s outside of my own particular genres of choice…Feryl’s put together something that is highly entertaining for everyone on this new single in one way or another.  Like I mentioned…sometimes it’s only fair to review something as a whole…and in this case Feryl is coming out gunning at top speed with a look, logo and video to accompany “Room 13.”  What got me personally and what pulled me onto Feryl’s side despite any initial resistance…was just how well it all worked together and each element of this tune complemented the next.

Like…how often do you end up looking at a logo and being like, ‘yeah man, I DIG that logo!’ with enthusiasm?  Probably not often…or more like never!  Yet something about the flashing logo onscreen with the Feryl video amped-up the excitement.  The look of Feryl works completely…unique, stylistic…a great match for what we hear in the music.  The video itself…is SHARP.  While you can tell that certain elements might have been filmed in a more rogue or DIY style – by the same token, no expense has been spared on the editing itself, which is flawless.  The movement of the video is spectacular and taking “Room 13” visually is compelling, captivating and highly entertaining to watch.

If I had any criticism at all…it would be that I’d love to hear more range from Feryl as he sings.  I’m not doubting that the skills are there by any stretch…but he’s got a gear that he clicks into and stays in throughout the bulk of “Room 13” that I suspect might have benefitted with a little more contrast to the tone we hear in the music.  He’s spot-on and there’s certainly nothing wrong with his performance…I’m just greedy and I always want more…but most of you out there already know that.  I don’t feel like Feryl is holding out on us or holding back on “Room 13” – but I do strongly believe that as his confidence continues to grow alongside the support for his music that he’ll embrace the freedom of expression within it even further.  As one breaks out of their shell…we often see multiple evolutions in an artist’s work…and I’m positive that what we hear from Feryl now is the start of a truly magical next-step in his overall adventure.  His instincts are solid, the writing his some excellent, intricate style to the lyrics and innovative approach to how they’re layered in throughout the chorus – it’s that kind of solid attention to detail in his writing that really makes each part pop and standout.  Again, just a hunch, but a little more contrast between the lows and highs of his voice will make these moments even more memorable than he’s designed them in now…which is a good thing in my opinion; room to evolve and grow and thrive in the passion for the art is always great incentive to keep pushing towards that next level.  Feryl’s certainly got the drive, passion and heart it takes to succeed in this business and you can hear it in his voice…I’m really looking forward to hearing what he can do with his talent & skill over the course of the next chapters in his career.

Find out more from his official page at:  http://www.ferylmusic.com/

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