Fatty Boomba – “Mean Machine”

 Fatty Boomba – “Mean Machine”

Fatty Boomba – “Mean Machine” – Single Review

It’d be pretty damn tough not to dig the new cut from Melbourne’s Fatty Boomba – the latest single “Mean Machine” seems to have…hmm…just about every ingredient in the mix here that people love?  Not sure what Fatty Boomba will bring out for an encore…there’s enough electro-energy, moves & grooves in this one track that it could likely power a household for a year or two.

The social media and press behind this electro-project promises ‘Music That’s Fat!’ – and if you’re at all wondering what that might sound like, you’ll get to know soon enough when this single officially gets released and goes live March 16th this year.  For now, you’ll have to take my word for what’s goin’ down – but this is what I can tell ya…the ‘fatness’ you’re looking for in music is all over “Mean Machine” 100%.

This is what it sounds like when a project lives up to the expectation!  Fatty Boomba promised ‘Music That’s Fat’ – and c’mon, by now, you have to agree – that’s exactly what this is.  No time is wasted here – “Mean Machine” gets kickin’ quickly with the synth sounds and beat threaded into the atmosphere and electro-groove that relentless supplies supercharged entertainment for the ears at all times.  Right from the opening synth melody I could feel that tension building in the music and certainly in the tone of the vocals as the intensity dripped from every line, rising to meet the energy of the surrounding sounds.  What continually impressed me with “Mean Machine” was just how LEAN this “Mean Machine” really IS at its core…it’s like all of the wheat and none of the chaff, you feel me?  While this single clearly possesses a bombastic penchant for wild & dynamic sound – it’s actually really not overtly flashy at all.  What is added, are pieces that MATTER…sounds that genuinely contribute to the song as a whole – the writing, structure and flow are where the focus is…because all the ingredients in the music are completely in-check.  As full as the sound of “Mean Machine” becomes – LISTEN to how much is actually going on; you’ll realize it’s not overloaded in the slightest…it’s the simplest ingredients that often shine the brightest when it comes to a song that really grab our attention – if you use them right like this.

Which is why I say structure is key here.  Things like the layers of guitar notes, electro elements and backing vocals creeping into the song as it plays perfectly add everything the song needs along the way to retain our interest while still allowing us to absorb absolutely everything that’s going on.  The clarity in the production is completely solid…the use of space and the way Fatty Boomba transitions from part-to-part makes insightful use of pivotal moments in the music that the vocals can spring-off from, bounce to the rhythm, or raise the stakes to their highest when it comes to the vibrant rhythm of the chorus.

I don’t think there are any deep hidden meanings inside of “Mean Machine,” nor do I think every song out there needs to include them.  ALL music serves a purpose somehow – and this is the song you want to put on when you just want to turn something up that has an uplifting sound and undeniable energy that will leave you feeling fantastic just by listening to it…a song that will help assist you in completely leaving all your worries, cares and stress far behind.  Real credit to the vocals in Fatty Boomba – I think the verse came out great, the chorus came out even better, and the backing vocals deserve a freakin’ award for how spectacular they are and how well they complement the lead.  There’s almost like…a Maroon 5 vibe running through the chorus of this single…but like…with musical-Botox or something.  I’ve heard a lot of Maroon 5’s stuff and never heard them quite this into the vibe…so don’t get me wrong, there’s similarities in the tones of the vocals for sure, but this IS different almost altogether.  You might get it in an M5 remix…it’s not a knock against them, they’re a great band…electro just ain’t what they typically do – that’s where Fatty Boomba comes in roaring to offer a wicked update, revamping & revitalizing of the overall sound.  “Mean Machine” is a wild electro cut that is maximized for audible entertainment at all times with hooks that are designed not just to catch you, but to keep you attached to the insatiable energy in Fatty Boomba’s music for a long, long time to come.  Solid stuff, all the way through and thoroughly satisfying in every way I could think of – “Mean Machine” is a wonderfully executed track that is almost mind-blowingly repeatable and meant to be turned up as loud as it gets.

Find out more about Fatty Boomba at the official Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/FattyBoombaMusic/

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