Far From Your Sun – “A Thousand Lives”

 Far From Your Sun – “A Thousand Lives”

Far From Your Sun – “A Thousand Lives” – Music Video Post

According to the band directly, their new single “A Thousand Lives” tells the story “about Marina, a little girl of only 8 years old, who died as a result of her parents’ beatings.  Marina probably suffered from a lifetime of abuse by her parents.  However, Marina was always smiling and always defended her parents until she died.”  I’ll say this…it ain’t often that a song or video comes my way with a description like that!

Far From Your Sun certainly has a whole bunch of creative stuff goin’ on surrounding their music as they head towards the official release of their next album called The Origin Of Suffering, coming out in early 2022.  Word on the street is that they’re built from a collective of talents from the artistic realm that all have extensive backgrounds in areas like photography, painting, poetry & more – and as you’d imagine, that’s leading them to highly expressive and evocative results in the music that they’re making together.  You know we’re all about combinations of art & music here – it genuinely sounds like this crew has a great thing goin’ on, passion & chemistry shared between them, and a real vision for their future ahead.

Speaking of vision – use yours, and check out their brand-new lyric video supporting “A Thousand Lives!”

From its curious atmospheric opening, to the dramatic vocals & gripping guitar tones ringing out into the distance, the hollow & isolated sound of “A Thousand Lives” gives it a haunting vibe that’s not only truly engaging, but also sets the stage perfectly for our ears to absorb the insightful emotion within the lyrics & vocals, and our eyes to stay glued to the screen throughout the visuals on display in their latest video.

It’s always awesome to take a trip into the artistic side of sound, and Far From Your Sun definitely fits right into that whole colorful category.  With limitless creativity, the potential becomes equally so – and it’s fair to assume that a band with the skills like Far From Your Sun have, with the sheer variety of ways they’re capable of expressing themselves audibly & visually, will quite likely go on to keep us guessing as to what comes next throughout the years as they continue to evolve, expand, and grow in any ol’ which way they choose to – and that, dear readers, dear friends, is definitely something to be excited about.

Find out more about Far From Your Sun from their official websites below!

Homepage:  https://farfromyoursun.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FarFromYourSun

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/FarFromYourSun

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/farfromyoursun

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/1wIybSA1nKjT89hj0R8Ey0

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