Fabrizio Rende – “Voy a por ti”

 Fabrizio Rende – “Voy a por ti”

Italian singer/songwriter Fabrizio Rende has a gentle acoustic-based pop/rock style & sound on the 2013 single/video for “Voy a por ti.”  Feels like it’s been a while since we featured a video from the other side of the globe – so today’s the day!  And I really dig the way that “Voy a por ti” is shot, filmed and edited…I think the visual ideas onscreen really complement this song.  You can see the themes of unity, love and togetherness in the video…emotions and feelings that definitely translate perfectly to us all, no matter what language you speak or sing in!  Fabrizio Rende is based out of Spain currently and continuing to grow his fan-base strongly in support of his passionate style and romantic approach to pop/rock – check out the video for “Voy a por ti” below!

Find out more about Fabrizio Rende at his official Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/fabriziorendeoficial

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