Estani – “Siempreverde”

 Estani – “Siempreverde”

If you just tuned into the SBS Podcast earlier today, you had the opportunity to hear solo artist Estani’s single “Siempreverde” and a whole bunch of fun facts about the exciting time she’s in right now with her whole career.  Call it a resurgence, call it finding a lil’ time for herself finally after assisting the rest of the scene through her work at Ascension Vocals, call it whatever ya like folks – the facts are that Estani is speeding her way towards the release of her upcoming album this year at long last – and she’s excited!  As she should be; like I mentioned on the show earlier, those of you fellow musicians & artists out there, you all understand the anticipation & inspiration that flows through you when it’s time to release some new tunes.  While the majority of the details surrounding her new album are still under wraps for the time being – what I can tell ya is this: “Siempreverde” is one of several singles she released throughout 2020…she’s already got a brand-new one called “Droughts In The Ocean” coming out in February on the 5th – and her album is officially scheduled to be released online around the world as of March 12th, 2021.

Like I was tellin’ ya – it’d be great to be Estani right now.

Sung entirely in Spanish, she almost can’t help but leave a lasting impression through the bold & dramatic way she sings with such impressive technique, expression, and tone.  Written in the style of something akin to a supernatural experience, like “La Llorona and Crucifijo de Piedra” – you’ll hear the spirited sound of Estani’s vocals rise to extraordinary heights throughout this whole highly imaginative single, and audibly astound you with the professional level of control of her supremely vibrant vocals.  “Siempreverde,” quite simply, is a spine-tingling, theatrical-meets-opera style tune that displays a master’s grip on the combination of art & music as one.  Estani is the consummate performer, proving to be confident, classy, and absolutely captivating as she puts the right degree of power & emotion into every word she sings.  As graceful as it is strong, “Siempreverde” is built on true character & charisma.

In that sense, you’ll find it’s certainly a wonderful reflection of the artist herself.  When you’re as dedicated to the art & craft as someone like Estani is, it shows on the inside & out of the music you make.  You can see from her pages online she’s completely ecstatic about the songs she’s had coming out, and stoked to put out a brand-new record this year.  You couple that with her tireless efforts & commitment to the scene itself, and you begin to understand that this exceptional artist has a genuinely unbreakable bond with music that continually pushes her creatively and inspires her to do even MORE!  It’s a beautiful thing to see an artist determined to not let their talents & time go to waste – Estani’s got a spectacularly lively sound of her own, and all kinds of awesomeness in-store for ya this year – make sure to keep an eye & an ear (or two, of both if ya got’em!) on her pages below for more info & music!

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