Eric Devine – “Celebrate Your Freedom”

 Eric Devine – “Celebrate Your Freedom”

Eric Devine – “Celebrate Your Freedom” – Music Video Post

Well here’s a happy chap with a song designed to lift your spirits – you know you’ve got time for that!

Heck, most of us have had nothing BUT time over the past couple years or so, which makes a single like this even more relevant now than perhaps any other time it could have been released!  Eric’s new song “Celebrate Your Freedom” is all about enjoying the good times, remembering just how much freedom and potential exists within every day we’re living and breathing, and feeling LIFE itself course through your veins with positive energy.  Like I was tellin’ ya from the get-go, it’s the kind of cut that we should all have time for…”Celebrate Your Freedom” is the kind of tune that reminds us exactly why life is every bit as beautiful as they say it is, and that each day we experience something wonderful & new to enjoy.

Now…I don’t wanna get political here – and I’ve got Eric to thank for that.  “Freedom” has become such a charged word over the course of 2022 so far, and Devine has got a song here that perfectly highlights what its true definition REALLY is.  It should make ya wanna dance…it should be uplifting, happy, and inspired…and you can hear all of these elements in Eric’s new single, in addition to seeing all this great stuff in action right there visually onscreen in the new video supporting “Celebrate Your Freedom” too.  Hard to object to a track with such pure intentions & altruistic ambitions, and I’m not inclined to try – I simply click play and allow the upbeat vibes of Eric Devine’s “Celebrate Your Freedom” work its natural magic…no matter how rough your daily grind has been on ya, you’ll dig how this cut can lift your mood.

Turn it on up, loud and proud…maybe even dance a little – “Celebrate Your Freedom” every single day!

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