El Asuco – “Welcome To My City”

 El Asuco – “Welcome To My City”

El Asuco ain’t fuckin’ around y’all!  Listen to this emcee spit hot bars and bring the fire to the m-i-c as he takes you for a verbal tour and represents where he’s comin’ from on his brand-new single “Welcome To My City.”  Givin’ shouts to the places that have made him into the powerful emcee he’s become today, check out El Asuco squash beefs onscreen and bring the people together by keepin’ it real in the video expertly directed by Nimi Hendrix.  Wicked flow, mad conviction in his tone, precision rhymes and a master’s grip on the mic, El Asuco works the magic right in the city streets where he’s livin,’ standin’ shoulder to shoulder with the people of his hood, remindin’ y’all that it’s the city of Elizabeth that made him – and now it’s time to give back with a wild anthem for the whole place to bump loud’n’proud.  No matter where you’re from you’ll wanna turn this up – have a look/listen to the new video for El Asuco’s “Welcome To My City” below!

Find out more about El Asuco at his official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ELASUCO

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