D’Urria – “La Lienda”

 D’Urria – “La Lienda”

Straight-up, we’d all listen to a whole lot more Celtic Folk music in our lives if it was all as adventurous and ambitious as the latest single/video from D’Urria.  They’ve put together an extraordinary & meaningful tale together in this combination between their music and the video directed so magnificently by Héctor Menéndez Aneiros – “La Lienda” is an inspired cinematic experience and mini-movie of its own, with spectacular visuals from the scenery to the band.  Incredible to watch and a song that’s really enhanced & complemented by the stellar video – check out “La Lienda” by D’Urria below!

Find out more about D’Urria from their official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/durriatsacianastur

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