duØ – “Bits Of Tape”

 duØ – “Bits Of Tape”

duØ – “Bits Of Tape” – Single Review

Really solid ground that producer/artist duØ is standing on here – this new single has a beautifully soulful vibe to it that gorgeously threads Electro, Soul, R&B, Pop & Gospel into one blissful experience.  From the looks of things online, “Bits Of Tape” is the debut tune from duØ; people should be excited about this – the music is incredibly catchy, the vocals are spectacular, and this entire vibe comes together in a real unified way that boasts an immaculately empowering sound that’ll speak right to ya.

Though it is a debut-tune, make no mistake, this ain’t duØ’s first rodeo.  While there might not be much out there on the man behind the music info-wise with this venture being so shiny & new still – there is enough out there to get a sense of where he’s at now & where he’s come from.  He’s been rackin’ up awards & hardware for songwriting…he’s gettin’ the attention for his efforts both on a local & international level as well…all indications of the good things you’ll end up finding when you listen to the new single.  His track-record sounds good…but let’s face it, if I can write sentences than anyone out there can – an artist has still gotta be able to back it all up when it comes to the music.  And this is where it’s extremely comforting to know that there’s still truth in the printed word…everything that’s out there & written about duØ so far certainly seems justified to me.

The soulful female-driven vocals are graceful, angelic, bold, powerful – and perfectly on-point for the emotion & meanings behind the lyrics.  As far as inviting someone into your music and adding them to your material, I’ve always said it takes a great understanding of what the song truly calls for to really find the right person that suits its strengths and brings out its full potential – and I honestly don’t think you could ask anything more from the vocals on “Bits Of Tape” – they fit this tune exceptionally well.  Musically, there’s zero to complain about there either, the evolution and the way the sound develops on this single is remarkable to listen to.  I love the hint of melody so distant in the background as it starts, the gentle beat that comes along with it, the way that the electro-element expands so impressively once we’re past the first minute and into the lusciousness of the main hooks.  I’ll say this…duØ’s got a powerful tune and a single-worthy one at that; but with that being said – the man’s gotta recognize that he’s being rivaled at every possible moment…as in, no matter how good the music may be at any one point in this song, the vocals are ready to bring it with the same outstanding quality & professionalism, heart & passion.  And don’t get me wrong – if you’re duØ, this is an extremely nice problem to have.  Especially considering how well these two halves really complement each other…it’d be one thing to have it come out uneven, but it’s the balance between the music & vocals that really creates the overall magic on “Bits Of Tape.”  That first hit of low-end infused synth coming into the mix around the 1:10 mark is so warm & inviting to listen to…a real memorable moment where the entire spirit of this song gets lifted up strongly as it heads into the main hooks.  Main hooks.  Pffff.  What a term.  This song has hooks EVERYWHERE – main ones, background ones, some that visit, some that stay…colorful, imaginative, vibrant, sweet, soulful hooks are ALL OVER THE PLACE – what’s not to love about this tune?

“Bits Of Tape” is the kind of song you always wanna have on…it’s truly about as inviting as music can be.  The lyrics are wonderfully written, performed to their maximum potential & beyond, and everything you’ll hear concerning the words & vocals from the lead to the background hits the mark of sincerity bang-on.  That understanding of the material works both ways ultimately; you might know the right talent you need to make a song work, but that artist still needs to be able to deliver – and again, you could possibly ask for more from the microphone on this single, she’s absolutely fantastic.  Like I said, if it wasn’t for duØ being so consistently entertaining in the music-department of the structure & flow of “Bits Of Tape,” she’d steal the show here on his debut without question – but thankfully, the endless stream of subtle changes and outstanding production from duØ shines just as brightly.  It really makes for a magnificent collaboration, a captivating listening experience, and a seriously extraordinary debut.

The new single “Bits Of Tape” official comes out on September 18th – stay up to-date on the details, be ready for the drop, and find out more about duØ at the official page:  https://www.facebook.com/du0music

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