Drive With Me – “Shocking Place”

 Drive With Me – “Shocking Place”

Drive With Me – “Shocking Place” – Music Video Release/Review

This channel is going places!

Like, I’m not even kidding…that’s what this entire channel at YouTube is all about, showing you the world one smooth ride at a time.  Just so happens that Drive With Me caught our attention with the socially-aware & insightful song/soundtrack for “Shocking Place” and the brilliant way that this video shows you the beauty of a city as it travels from place to place but also goes extremely deep in effort to raise awareness & show the present day struggles of homelessness, inequality, poverty, and much more.

The “Shocking Place” video is incredibly tight, well-shot, has a defined point of view, and really has something to say both visually & through the lyricism.  The words are compelling, honest, real & raw – delivered by J.G on the mic, he makes the meanings and intentions of the lyrics unmistakably clear as you roam through the Los Angeles city streets.  Through the lens & perspective being put forth by the Drive With Me channel, you really start to see AND hear just how important a project like this is becoming.

And just like a great single should establish, “Shocking Place” is the gateway into everything this channel has to offer ya & entices you to take a look further into what Drive With Me is all about.  I soon found myself in a sea of videos online, looking at various places in the USA from a street-level perspective, driving around and marveling at the sights to see.  There’s so much to appreciate about this idea and what Drive With Me is doing…while it might seem like someone driving around and somewhat ‘normal’ at first on a surface-level, the longer you stick with any video, the more you’ll find.  Where Drive With Me is really succeeding, is in showing us that contrast between what a city looks like between its rich & poor sections while raising awareness about the inequality that can exist so brazenly in the same place.  Not only do I think what Drive With Me is doing is extremely important for its accurate glimpse of our societies and the way we’ve allowed them to develop from city to city – but for people like myself who tend to never really leave the house, I honestly can’t say enough about just how thankful I am to have such a clear view & look at these places.  For better or for worse as far as the conditions go, everything is fascinating or stunning to look at…a true microcosm of what life is like for many people on multiple levels of the economic scale…quite honestly, I sat and watched quite a few of the vids on this channel after checking out “Shocking Place” to begin with…they’re all loaded with insight through the audio commentary, and visually they can’t be beat.  This is a completely honest, unfiltered look at who we are.

Really cool idea overall…and a project with real purpose & heart.  HUGE salute to the Drive With Me channel and its amazingly empathetic & knowledgeable videos – you’ll learn something from watching them, but what makes the experience even MORE real is that through the narration, you get a complete sense of what drives this project forward and WHY it’s important on a personal level, to us all.  The videos are as encouraging & inspiring as they are real & thought-provoking…I’m a big fan of what this channel has set out to do and have nothing but complete respect for the positive outlook that Drive With Me has on the world.  No matter how gritty or intense it gets out there in the streets, watching these videos can fill you with an empowering feeling strong enough to get you off the couch to start collectively finding the solutions we need locally to make the changes we require in our societies & daily life, to make things better for everyone, together as one.

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