Dreem Teem – “Lowkey”

 Dreem Teem – “Lowkey”

Major props and HUGE shout-outs to Dreem Teem – these guys have managed to make me more interested in the modern-day vibe than…well…ANY of the rest out there seemed to have managed to do?  No joke – Dreem Teem is doin’ it RIGHT…from trappin’ to rappin’ – they’ve seriously got it covered & locked-down with two highly capable emcees that have their own signature style & sound, combining into one unified force that flexes versatile bars and a low-end beat that sizzles with slickness & slow-burning fire.  When it comes to the video – I’m honestly not even remotely kidding when I say it’s one of the best I’ve seen come out of the independent scene, or any scene for that matter…take a good look at “Lowkey,” because this is genius, straight-up.  Chances are you’ll look at it and wonder how in the hell YOU didn’t think of that already – but now you’re way too late and Dreem Teem is clearly ahead of the game, you feel me?  Using black-lights, neon glow-in-the-dark body paints, smart editing & effects – not only do the two stars of the show steal each & every scene through the way they look, sound, or move – but the impressive way this entire video has been put together from concept to execution deserves some serious credit – this is killer to watch & killer to listen to.  Maybe one enhances the vibe of the other & vice-versa…doesn’t really matter I suppose – you can’t lose whether you’re watching or listening to “Lowkey.”  What I can tell ya, is when you put the effort in like this, it deserves to be recognized…there’s obviously a creativity & drive in Dreem Teem that’s going to lead them to scoring huge wins & highlights like they are here on “Lowkey” and I’m stoked to see what else they drop on us in the future for sure.  For now – make sure you get a solid dose of the current, the right here & now, the WHAT’S GOOD & what’s happening – check out this fresh cut & video from Dreem Teem below yo!

Bonus props for sending over one of the best pictures ever for this posting – Dreem Teem, you guys freakin’ rule.  Reppin’ Seattle on their shirts in the video did not go unnoticed either…Supersonics in the house!  Nirvana too…you gotta love it.

Find out more about Dreem Teem at their official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/dreemteem54

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