Dr LK. – “Forever Love”

 Dr LK. – “Forever Love”

Bringing you a set of vibrant Electro hooks and wild bars to fuel the energy & vibes of “Forever Love,” Dr LK.’s latest single is stocked & loaded with dynamic sounds that burst & bloom with radiant passion.  Designed to enhance that special connection between you and your desires, “Forever Love” is the audio spark you want as your soundtrack as your night gets lit; it supplies speakers and souls with straight fire.

Amped-up and energetic at its most intense, and beautifully melodic when it comes time to switch it up – “Forever Love” reveals the versatile style of Dr LK., and his supreme ability to take the party to the next-level.  Handling his business with professional confidence on the m-i-c, Dr LK. proves to be the ultimate host for turning good times into great ones when it comes to making music that’ll make the people move.  He takes on dual roles in “Forever Love,” hitting the bars with stellar energy when he’s rapping, and serves solidly as your hype man on the cut too, ridin’ along with you every step of the way.  Produced by Sinima & featuring a stunning female-led main hook for the chorus, “Forever Love” keeps the vibe fully engaging, and continually doles out BIG doses of colorful Electro sound & insightful words.

Supporting his latest cut with a video that’s built on eye-catching visuals, effects, and short scenes that are bound to grab your attention.  Tons of colors & slick scenes all edited together perfectly with the unexpected twist of a circle, square, and a triangle trying to fully steal the show whenever they pop up – “Forever Love” is designed to keep you entertained on all fronts.  Capitalizing on the movement in the music with scenes that flash rapidly onscreen in tandem, the video has everything it needs to support the single with visuals that suit the song and reveals that love can be found in many aspects of our lives.

Wherever true passion and music exist, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find love somewhere in proximity – and it’s that exact combination that makes the digitally synthetic sounds of Dr LK. come out with such a naturally organic connection to the hearts & minds listening.  He dives deep into emotion and what makes life worth living throughout his words on “Forever Love,” and ensures your ears & eyes are completely entertained at all times – check it out & click play on the new single from Dr LK. below!

Find more music from Dr LK. at his official website:  https://www.lincoln-kennedy.co.uk

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