Don Pasquale Ferone – “Perseveranza”

 Don Pasquale Ferone – “Perseveranza”

Don Pasquale Ferone – “Perseveranza” – Music Video Post

Last year towards the end of 2021, we were introduced to an artist/pastor known as Don Pasquale Ferone based out of Italy through a promo video we posted up here at the homepage for his album called Certezza – and hopefully in the process, introduced a bunch of you out there reading & following along with our homepage here as well!  Don seems like an all-around great guy – and he makes music to brighten your day!  What better way to start the day than with the man himself singin’ for ya out in the sunshine of Italy where he’s based out of, with a new video in 2022 supporting his single “Perseveranza” from last year.  While my Italian is very rusty these days…I spoke it briefly when learning the language a bit during high-school way over here in Canada more than twenty-plus years ago now – I can tell ya that “Perseveranza” likely translates exactly how you’d expect that it would, and means “Perseverance” in English.  We could all use a reminder of how important it is to keep on going & keep on doing whatever it is you love, no matter where you are in the world, what language you speak, or what you normally listen to – so listen up & pay attention to what Don’s singing about, because the spirit of music is every bit as universal as it’s always been promised to be.  You can feel the sincerity & warmth in what Don’s music brings to your screen and speakers – the man makes music because he genuinely loves to make it – and perhaps even more importantly, because he’s equally stoked on sharing it all with you, wherever you might be tuning in from all across the world we’re living in.  I’m always interested in listening to music that’s different from what we’re naturally exposed to here in Canada – I think the diversity of sound to be found out there around the globe is a wonderful and glorious thing that we’re all lucky to be able to share thanks to the advent of the internet making it all so possible in the modern day era.  It’s just as important to not take that ability for granted and appreciate it daily too if you ask me – so now’s your time to join me in a bit of gratitude today, and check out “Perseveranza” by Don Pasquale Ferone!

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