DJ Chart – “Hola Cariño”

 DJ Chart – “Hola Cariño”

DJ Chart – “Hola Cariño” – Music Video Post

All the way from Switzerland…with a Latin Reggae sound?  C’mon now…admit it – that’s probably not what you were expecting now was it?  Further proof that you never know what will show up on these pages of ours, and even more-so, our penchant for finding music from all over the map that’s bound to get ya listening.  DJ Chart’s got a stellar vibe goin’ on and a sound that’s audibly filled with every bit as much sunshine as you’ll see in the brand-new video supporting his new single called “Hola Cariño,” which is the first track you’ll find on his album Latin Reggaeton, released fresh for ya this year in 2022.

Clearly an artist that’s got a genuine gift for turning good times into great ones, “Hola Cariño” is the kind of upbeat vibe that the world could really use right now.  With millions upon millions of streams, clicks, and views of his music coming from all over the map & the international scene, it’s crystal clear that DJ Chart has not only established his name permanently within the global entertainment community, but his whole upbeat vibe has brightened the days of countless people all around the world through his efforts.  He’s worked with an entire roster’s worth of amazing artists like Loona, Captain Jack, The Man, and many more throughout his career so far, in addition to creating music for YOU to enjoy in a whole variety of different styles with his ever-enticing energy and alluring sound beaming from the lefts to the rights.  “Hola Cariño” has the level of irresistible charm you’re looking for to put that pep in your step and propel you through the day with the true magic of music – and it’s one of the many highlight tracks you’ll find on the twenty-seven song set included with DJ Chart’s shiny new record, Latin Reggaeton.

DJ Chart is the kind of artist that’s proudly inviting each and every one of you to join in on the fun with him as he works his way onto the playlists & charts around the globe – turn up this new video for “Hola Cariño,” and I promise you, you’ll start to enjoy your Wednesday today like it’s already the weekend!  He’s got a sparkling energy in his sound that is sure to please your ears, and a stunningly sweet video to support “Hola Cariño” that celebrates light, love, and how music brings us all together as one – enjoy!

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