Dizzy Scratch – “Tribal” Feat. Antoinette

 Dizzy Scratch – “Tribal” Feat. Antoinette

Dizzy Scratch – “Tribal” Feat. Antoinette – Single Review

Now this right here is homegrown talent I can certainly appreciate.

Based right in our backyard over there in Toronto, or vice versa if you consider that to be us over here in Ottawa, you get the picture – we’re not all that far away from where Dizzy has been doin’ his thang and jazzin’ up the place over there at Magnetic Entertainment.  Talk about pictures too!  The epic studio console that Dizzy is sittin’ in front of in the pictures right there at his label’s homepage, is one of the coolest looking pieces of equipment I’ve ever seen assembled, straight-up.  I do not know if this is a custom build for a fact – but I’m assuming it is – honestly, I’ve never seen one like it (YES I am jealous, you will be too!)…and you can see the man’s got everything he needs to create incredible music right there at his fingertips.  A little knowhow never hurt anyone either – and from what I’m hearing on this brand-new single called “Tribal,” Dizzy clearly has plenty of that too.

Dude’s accomplished and put the work in…no doubt about it.  You can see it in the fact that Magnetic Entertainment is a full-on recording studio with a whole bunch of services offered that are designed to help strengthen the music community at-large…and of course I dig that.  Even if you didn’t read about all this kind of awesomeness right there on the pages online & whatnot…lemme take you back to those pictures you’ll see there once again, and point out you can see many records hanging on the wall that have been certified & recognized in some way, shape, or form…clearly Dizzy gets it DONE y’all – he’s got a whole world of sound goin’ on worth checking out, and this single “Tribal” is certainly included in that.  Or, that is…it will be – it comes out officially on February 25th, but again, you get what I mean.   Scratch’s got an entire arsenal of equipment at his disposal, clearly a highly creative mind that knows how to use it, and the will to put his skills to work – I’m all about it.  Even the…I don’t know if that’s a coffee mug or a coffee POT resting on his desk, but the thing is MASSIVE – you can tell Dizzy takes his work seriously with a liquid fuel delivery system this fantastic.  I need a mug like that…right now I’m convinced that if I did I’d probably get a ton more done, save myself a ton of trips upstairs in a day to get a refill, and hey, I’d have more coffee.  More coffee is always good.

For real though – he’s got production credits that confirm he’s worked with legendary talents like TLC, Madonna, Nas, the O’Jays, Seal – even Queen Latifah herself – I ain’t kiddin’ ya – Dizzy knows what he’s doing around the studio boards, and talent you can hear his talents audibly in a single like “Tribal.”  The word we’re all looking for is flawless, dear readers, dear friends – the enticing vibes and soulful mix of jazzy sound with its digital tinge is nothing BUT engaging, and equally artistic by design.  No joke – strap on some headphones and get up close to this track – Scratch has got this set up expertly to deliver from the lefts to the rights and keeps his music moving in spectacular ways others just don’t – that’s facts.  This is what the real art of production and the use of its dynamics are truly all about…how it can become part of the rhythm & groove if you’ve got a captain at the helm that really knows how to steer the ship – and that’s where Dizzy comes in to say “HOLD MY MASSIVE COFFEE STEIN…I’ve got this.”  And man does he ever!  “Tribal” rumbles and shakes the walls around you in all the right ways, and has such a unique & extremely addictive beat to it, that every single time I gave it a spin, all I wanted to do was turn it UP, UP, UP!  The mix is perfection – but the ideas are just as incredible if I’m being honest with ya…”Tribal” is a really flexible vibe & malleable track that’s not afraid to morph its way into some truly innovative moments, yet somehow maintains an outright remarkable degree of accessibility at all times.  If that ain’t the goal y’all…I don’t know what else could be – “Tribal” is every bit as artistic and inventive as it is entertaining, with the dazzling skills of Dizzy Scratch on display in ways that can be heard easily by any set of functional ears.  I’m just sayin’ that if there’s something outta place to be found here, I’m not hearing it myself.

Antoinette makes for a sensational addition to “Tribal” as well…she’s got a spectacular voice, and I dig that Dizzy has incorporated her into this track in wildly unique ways you wouldn’t nearly expect – almost closer to Trip Hop in that regard…you could argue a cut like this sits right on the fringe of that genre and you’d hear no objections from me.  You’ll get what I’m sayin’ when you hear it for yourself next week though…it’s as clever as it is catchy…you add in the brilliance of the horns and the insatiable beat that keeps “Tribal” moving and shakin’ your planet from the moment it starts to the moment it ends…I mean – Dizzy Scratch hasn’t left a thing outta this, and along with Antoinette’s stylistically slick vocals, they’ve given you every reason to listen & turn this single up as loud & proud as your system & noise laws allow.

Find out more about Dizzy Scratch at the Magnetic Entertainment main website:  https://www.magneticent.com

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