Dizmation – “Still”

 Dizmation – “Still”

Well hello there to you too Dizmation – and where-oh-where have you been all my life!?!

Dude’s about to drop his debut record in just a few day’s time on February 10th…and if this single doesn’t get ya excited about that fact, your ears are straight-up broken.  If you dig your Indie/Alt-Rock…if you listen to bands like The Strokes or Stereophonics that bury their sweetened vocal melodies right into the thick of stunning distortion…if you’re a fan of songs that have genuine substance, staying power, and straight-up memorizing sound & brilliantly writing from the structure of the music to the words…then I ask you dear readers, dear listeners, dear friends…what on earth is not to be absolutely LOVED about this single & video for “Still,” and this man certain to break out of Ireland all around the globe this year, Dizmation?  I’ll tell ya this much friends…I’d be more than stoked about everything I hear in “Still” if had come out of a veteran band that had been around for years & years & years – to think that this is where Dizmation is only beginning his journey for his upcoming debut record, is nothing short of remarkable…this guy has an incredible future in front of him, mark my words.  The sincerity, passion, and artistic integrity is undeniable in this guy’s music and vocals…there’s literally not an audible second of “Still” that I’d think to change – this is the Indie/Alt-Rock sound done perfectly right in my opinion, and the results are more than flawless…this cut is savagely addictive in every conceivable way.  Every indication points to something extremely special, endearing, and exciting happening here in the music nation of Dizmation – as far as I’m concerned, the world is his for the taking if he’s coming out swinging this hard at the outset of his career…mark my words, this singer/songwriter has got the magic and the skill to go the distance, and a clear gift for creating songs with true character & charming vibes that are going to unquestionably connect to the hearts & minds listening out there.  Prove it to yourself – click play on Dizmation’s new single “Still” below!

Make sure to keep your calendars circled for Dizmation’s debut on February 10th at Bandcamp right here:  https://dizmation.bandcamp.com

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