Ditsea Yella – Singles Reviewed

 Ditsea Yella – Singles Reviewed

Ditsea Yella – “Sin Mona Lisa,” “Vampire” and “Boys & Girls” – Singles Reviewed

So…there’s this. This is a thing. This thing is Ditsea Yella. What am I listening to? I’m not really sure.

Describing themselves as ‘electro-trash,’ you’re probably not going to hear too much this year, or ummmmm, ever, that resembles what Ditsea Yella are doing here on these three singles. I’m not so sure that’s entirely a good thing really…it might be a LOT chaotic…but perhaps music could stand to go through a little more chaos right now.

I’ll say this…depending on the single that you choose…make sure you watch that volume on those first opening seconds, lest you nearly shit your pants like I nearly have. I started my adventure into Ditsea Yella with the song “Sin Mona Lisa,” which starts with what I can only assume is a sonic burst built by the government as an effective way to take down buildings scheduled for demolition. And YES – I had my volume up ready in anticipation. And YES…this did in fact get the ol’ heart pumping about 1000 times faster than hooking myself to my car battery and turning the key. I can admit when something scares me in sound – this opening DID.

Having said that, the song to follow has a surprising rhythm and a pleasant groove, the abrasion only last mere seconds and by a minute-and-a-half in, Ditsea Yella has found their place. This song pulses along with excellent electro-instinct and an addictive hook in the vocals. It makes for a great intro into the music of Ditsea Yella and the experimental minds driving this machine. Definitely some innovative & creating ideas in this opener, “Sin Mona Lisa” that bounce playfully back and forth off of each other and make this track have a real life, pulse and energy to it.

Who do this London, UK band remind me of? No one. Ditsea Yella. That’s all.

Not too many times you’ll be able to find me without some form of comparison to make. Don’t take it as a sign that I need to break out of my patterns of listening to music for sixteen hours a day and somehow listen to MORE – take it as the intended compliment on creativity that I’m passing onto Ditsea Yella here; ‘cause truly, no one sounds like they do. If anything…they slightly resemble the electro-efforts of fellow indie-band Junksista…but even that’s a stretch. With tracks like “Vampire” becoming ever-more increasingly addictive the more you spin the songs…it’s like Ditsea Yella has mastered the art of the seconds-short electro-clip and have pieced these seconds into minutes of innovation on each of their three songs. “Vampire” is no exception to this rule…the electro in this music spreads out in so many sub-fragments and directions, but all comes together to form another sweet electric ditty.

The final track “Boys & Girls” attempts to shock you at the beginning again like “Sin Mona Lisa” did…maybe not as jarring to the entire soul as the opening track was… I don’t want to claim to have a particular favourite when I’m only dealing with three songs, but “Boys & Girls” would make a strong case for number one. Vocally there’s all kinds of ingenuity through filters and tones, lyrics and performance; musically it’s probably the most versatile and diverse of the three offerings here – which is really saying a lot once you make it to this final cut.

From what I can see this band is incredibly active out there in their local scene and cutting it up – people are coming out of their actual houses to latch onto the Ditsea Yella sound and see what they can pull off live. I haven’t seen the live show from way over here in Canada, but I can definitely tell you that I’d go if I could! It’s not that often that you hear something so completely new and inventive…and a handful of singles with this intense amount of creativity is an indication of an endless well-of-inspiration within the band. I’d roll the dice and happily bet they can bring it to the live-stage and create something incredible to experience, just based on what I hear in these three songs alone. They’ve clearly got some off-the-wall ideas; you might have to trust me on this one, but after a couple of spins through these songs I bet you’ll find you can’t get them out of your mind.

Support a real art & music combination! Ditsea Yella’s FB page is right here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ditsea-Yella/317192088449073

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