Distant Thunder – “Healing Hand”

 Distant Thunder – “Healing Hand”

Distant Thunder – “Healing Hand” – Single Review

In a world that’s often all-too-full of itself and spitting vitriol online…it’s quite comforting to know that musicians and bands like Distant Thunder exist to remind us that it’s not all bad.  Here in their new-single “Healing Hand” you get a great stomping of positivity into your day through a solid song full of beautiful intentions.

And for what it’s worth…I like to think that this is the kind of music that is well-outside of what I’d normally listen to – but Distant Thunder proves that a great tune is a great tune, no matter the genre.  With a blend of Folk, Americana and Bluegrass – this is a wildly adventurous romp through a whole set of messages that the world can always use more of.  Big salute and thumbs up to this band for a very well-played song and wonderfully realized vision of what the world can be like through this new-single, “Healing Hand.”

Reminds me a lot of The Boss himself…very much of a Springsteen-esque vibe that runs perfectly in the veins of “Healing Hand” without tipping the scales too much towards the Rock part of his career.  Focusing on the Folk, Distant Thunder has created a gorgeous song here that sounds warm, inviting and…well…completely necessary as far as I’m concerned.  We are all searching for a “Healing Hand” on this floating rock we call planet Earth – and through the all-inclusive sound of their intentions and ambitions – Distant Thunder has done a fantastic job of bringing positivity to the forefront with a song that the people will sincerely respond to.

How do I know?  Because I did myself!  Believe me…it’s not quite often you’re going to find me flagging you all down for a song with a banjo as a lead-instrument!  But you readers out there already know that.  You also know that I wouldn’t rant & rave about something if it wasn’t worth your time…and I truly believe this is a great moment to get up on my soapbox, shout and cheer for a band like Distant Thunder and the positivity they’re putting out into the world with this brand-new song.  Well-written, well-played and coming into the world at a perfect time – I believe very strongly that it won’t just be me that responds to a combination of music & message like this.  Distant Thunder clearly has the best of intentions for us all…and in turn, the world will have their back and support a sound like theirs and song like this.

Lyrically, this band has written a truly epic tale that details a beautiful story through the history of America…a real song that represents the true hearts of the people and accompanied by a video that echoes its sentiment & shows we’ll stand-up for all the right reasons when it comes right down to it.  Definitely powerful imagery in both their words and through their video supporting “Healing Hand” – and the music is written in a wonderfully timeless style that is bound to never get old.  What you’ll hear in this song, is a message that will more than likely always apply to much of our world, our dreams, our emotions and our feelings…and they’ve expressed a lot of the collective-will of the people from a grassroots perspective I’m positive you’ll connect with.

I’ve often said…we’ve got our voices for a reason…and I’d also be the last to say that using them constantly is an effective way to do it – but in the right dosage, words said at the right time can be the most powerful tool we’ll ever possess.  A huge virtual round of applause for Distant Thunder using their voice at a perfect moment in time here on “Healing Hand” – I’ve got nothing else but love and appreciation for a song executed as well as this is.  From concept to performance – they’ve nailed it here…and there’s not a thing about it I’d change.

And hopefully…with a little luck and goodwill towards each other…they’ll be leading the way to a brighter day and more positive future for us all through this entirely enjoyable anthem of beautiful intentions that applies to each and every one of our lives.

Have a look & a listen to the video below!

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