Dirty Keller – “Shredder”

 Dirty Keller – “Shredder”

Lemme tell y’all this – if it sounds like Dirty Keller knows wtf he’s doing behind the studio boards, it definitely ain’t no accident – this man makes BEATS yo!  No joke – when I was told the man has got his whole setup ragin’ on the Beatstars site, I figured I’d find at least a handful or so – but what I ended up discovering were SO MANY cuts that it practically made my finger sore just scrollin’ through them all.  He’s been blazing up the digital realm online with beats for sale all the way back to 2018 professionally from what you’ll find if you make it all the way to the end of the list like I did – suffice it to say, it’s plenty clear just from having a look at the Beatstars site alone that Dirty Keller has got loads of material and the right experience, skills & talent to keep up to the incredible pace of his creative output.  Inspiring stuff!

Of course, with that much produced & ready to roll, you’ll find the man’s got a variety of sonic versatility goin’ on & plenty of cuts that might very well bring out the best of your own bars – DK’s got somethin’ for errrrrrrrrrrrybody, you feel me?  We’ll lay out a sample for ya right now and give you a dose of what he came up with back in May this year with his Trap beat instrumental called “Shredder,” so that you all remember the name & know where to go to get that next beat you need – check out Dirty Keller below!

From the slick grip of the low-end mix, to the vibrant & melodic samples he’s laced perfectly into the vibe of “Shredder” – Dirty Keller makes it crystal clear he’s got genuine ideas when it comes time to push record, and production techniques that make the entire difference, designed to set emcees & new artists completely apart from the rest with savage cuts that’ll have’em settin’ the trends.  Combining high-quality sound, undeniably stylistic digital grooves that make an instant impact & impression, and more determination & passion for the game than you’ll find in artists from of any corner of the scene – Dirty Keller stays invested in his music-career on the daily, and proves that his unmatched dedication to the craft, his cutting edge talent, and wildest ideas, produce seriously addictive results that are always worth a listen.

Find beats by Dirty Keller directly at his spot at Beatstars here:  https://www.beatstars.com/dirtykeller

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