DeepC Divers – “My Luv”

 DeepC Divers – “My Luv”

DeepC Divers – “My Luv” – Single Review

Here’s one of the easier singles to slide right into this year…DeepC Divers have got themselves a solid & smooth mix of cool & chill movement & melody happenin’ on their latest cut called “My Luv.”  I mean c’mon people…once you hear how the bass, guitars, and drums welcome you in to listen to this single, you’ll know exactly what I’m saying…every time this track looped around again on repeat from my playlist, there was no resisting another spin.  It might be a gentle tune, but make no mistake, it’s a song that is lined with continuously enticing sound from beginning to end…it’s mid-tempo, but all hooks too.

I’ll say this much…I think I’m positive I dig this song more than the last cut I experienced when I reviewed their single “Smile For Better Days” back in April of 2018.  I didn’t hate on the song at all – but I felt like there was still more in the tank somewhere for DeepC Divers…and if what I was looking for isn’t on display throughout “My Luv” exactly, it would sure qualify as pretty damn close I’d say.  I think they’ve definitely raised the stakes here this time around with a real quality tune that’s bound to keep everyone listening…and perhaps more importantly, listening on repeat.  I’ve road-tested “My Luv” just about as hard as a person can…it’s been spinning here relentlessly this week since we got our hands on it…and in complete truth, it’s a tune that’s held-up extremely strong time & again.  It’s like a cross between bands like…man…rad stuff like Toad The Wet Sprocket & Cool For August…somewhere in the middle there…not too soft, not too rock…DeepC Divers are playing Goldilocks’ perfect bowl of porridge – everything about this single is just right.

So let’s be clear…because I get what people are going to hear, but I also understand what needs a shout-out.  Gregg Marcus on the bass and John Bordage on the drums make freakin’ magic in the rhythm section…they’re 100% tight & locked-in together…the backbone of this song & the pieces of the puzzle that make the entire mechanics work, transition, and move as flawlessly smooth as they do.  Essentially, they’re the unsung heroes of a song like “My Luv” – in my heart of hearts, of course I’d hope that the everyday pair of ears listening would hear that kind of stuff…but my experience has often been that what we find shining on the surface is what’s picked up by the people most quickly.  Musicians will hear the way this band moves so perfectly together throughout this single…for the rest of you, DeepC Divers are going to make the majority of their impact through the brilliant vocals & guitars you’ll find here.  The lead guitar from Paul Erlich sparkles throughout this tender tune…and the harmonies you’ll find in the chorus absolutely hit the mark…all these things are great to begin with – & then you still have to realize that it’s likely the remarkable performance from lead-singer DeepC that ties this together so tightly!  You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to “My Luv” as to what might be your favorite aspect or part of the song, given the fact that everything you’ll hear is spot-on the mark – but there’s a huge chance it’ll be the amazing sound of the vocal-melody that DeepC creates so well throughout the verses of this single.  The guitar-solo is excellent, the entire vibe surrounding this unique, beautiful, and gem of a mid-tempo tune…it comes down to writing, focus, execution, and ideas here – and DeepC Divers prove they’ve got all the right ingredients combined when it comes to the outstanding results on “My Luv.”

And they’ve got this like…subtle & charming electro/keyboard melody that sits in the background…almost way off in the distance at times when it shows up…to the point where you might not even notice it…but I’m tellin’ ya folks…that’s another essential piece of this puzzle that makes the difference.  You’ll hear it most clearly in the breakdown just past the four-minute mark before DeepC Divers bring back those sweet hooks & bold harmonies once more for ya before the end.  “My Luv” has a wonderful glowing warmth to its entire vibe and really proves that a mellow groove can make just as strong of an impact on ya – everything from the writing to the execution stands out for all the right reasons.

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