Deep C Divers – “Smile For Better Days”

 Deep C Divers – “Smile For Better Days”

Deep C Divers – “Smile For Better Days” – Single Review

Interesting tune from Deep C Divers out of Boston, their new single “Smile For Better Days” has an inspiring & uplifting thread that runs through the energy & lyrics that tie this whole song together tightly.  Clearly a highly capable & talented band…they’ve put a lot of heart, passion, and skill on display throughout this song…and of course, a single being that representation of what you’d likely find on a record, I suppose we can safely assume this shiny new tune from their album Making Waves will give us some insight into what Deep C Divers are up to over there & what this four-piece band is all about.

So…let’s see here.  I like what I’m hearing in the instrumentation, I like what I hear in the lyricism, I like the vocals, the structure, the overall execution…and I think what I really like about what I hear in the music of Deep C Divers is just how easy it is to imagine this crew onstage.  Something about “Smile For Better Days” really allows you to hear the ingredients clearly through the sparkling production & performance…expert hands are on-deck on both sides of the studio boards – things sound great.  Sparkling guitars & solo from Paul Erlich, crispy snare snaps from John Bordage, the vocals from DeepC come out powerfully, full of spot-on tone & backed by impressive harmonies, and truly standout bass-lines from Gregg Marcus – all of these players clearly hold their own.  You’ll likely notice the sparkle & shine in the brightness of the guitars & vocal-melody on that first spin or two…then in time, you’ll notice that it’s the rhythm-section that are the unsung heroes of this song that really make it move.  It’s a pop-rock inspired sound that drives “Smile For Better Days” forward with an engaging structure and flow that I would imagine will keep most listening out there…in a way it’s a fairly straightforward tune, but in so many others, it’s not.  Straightforward in the sense that it keeps the pop-rock vibe running smoothly throughout the song, and perhaps not due to its innovative structure & ambitiously positive intentions.

Because ultimately…it’s pretty damn tough to rag on a song with a sentiment like this…and facts are facts, the world can use a few songs like “Smile For Better Days” right now.  The lyrics to this cut are quite remarkable in how you can interpret them – and I think that’s an aspect that’ll likely give the edge to Deep C Divers for many out there.  You could listen to “Smile For Better Days” and assume that, with its inherent pop-rock energy that it’s all about relationships…which, it very well may be; I’d challenge that if you listened closely…and you’re a politically-minded, socially-aware type of person…that there’s a very real possibility that Deep C Divers are saying a whole lot more here underneath the surface of their shimmering sound.  Personally I like that ambiguity, versatility, and freedom that creates on both sides of the speakers…I think it’s absolutely rewarding as an artist/band to write in that style, but equally so as a listener…like as in, many people will listen to “Smile For Better Days” and like it for a million different reasons all their own.  We’ll all share in enjoying the overall inviting sound I’m sure, but when it comes to the meanings we apply personally to the words being sung by DeepC, we’ll all have different theories.

Realistically speaking, I still recognize that the battle is an uphill one when it comes to the effort it takes to get music like this out there.  The hooks are charming yes, the sentiment is moving for sure, the execution is flawless – all these aspects are clearly strong elements that work in their favor.  There’s no doubt about the overall sound of Deep C Divers going against the grain of what’s out there right now – it’s certainly friendly and inviting…but they’re out there somewhat on their own when it comes to the current pulse of the music-scene.  As we all know, that can also become a major strength overnight, if the people catch on to the sound.  With its mid-tempo movements and more involved structure, it’s undeniably a bit more demanding on the average listener for what they might expect in this genre & style – but I think for musicians & creative types, that speaks to the fact that Deep C Divers are putting more into the layers of depths within their music.  Like I was saying from the get-go in this review…it’s an interesting song…I know why I like it and I can recognize that why you might like it could theoretically be for completely different reasons…but the bottom line is I think most of us out there will like this song; “Smile For Better Days” is ultimately pleasant, hopeful, rhythmic, and very well played.  It’s a focused tune that zeroes in on creating an experience that’s highly interpretive, warm, & welcoming to listen to.

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