David Benton & The Jewell – “Boom”

 David Benton & The Jewell – “Boom”

Hold on tight homies – David Benton & The Jewell about to positively set it off – “Boom!”

Check out the fresh energy in this cut and recognize the art of the wordsmith in full-effect as this collaboration kicks into high gear with a solid vibe that is entirely relevant for the right here & now.  For reals…when you consider the recent success of Childish Gambino’s latest single – check out the timestamp on the original posting of “Boom” and realize that David Benton & The Jewell were already deep in this style & rolling with untamed swagger long before that cut even came out!  Seriously powerful to listen to & to watch – “Boom” packs in maximum entertainment through huge bars, verbal chemistry, hooks that’ll knock you out, and an enormous beat.

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