Dari – “Come To Me P2”

 Dari – “Come To Me P2”

If you think that the flashy sound, massively catchy hooks, and stylistically slick music flowing throughout this single “Come To Me P2” make a memorable impact on ya, just you wait until you watch the video and see Dari stare straight down the barrel of the camera to confidently beam out the Blue Steel atcha with his signature trademark smile!  Dude is clearly living the life and loving every minute of it; the upbeat energy in “Come To Me P2” radiates through the melody, vocals, music & video – facts are facts, Dari’s got a completely single-worthy tune here y’all.  It might be a short & sweet dose of what the man is capable of with it being under three-minutes long, but the star of the show makes wise use of every second, giving you relentlessly vibrant sound from the mic to the music, and a video supporting it all that looks absolutely stellar onscreen.  Not only do the vivid scenes on the beach & in the scenery surrounding Dari look amazing to begin with, but you’ll find an impressive story runs deep throughout the video to keep you fully entertained, combining solid doses of genuine humor to keep us all smiling along with him, and visual-vibes that are a fantastic pairing with the song.  He’s covered all the angles of pure entertainment here and given us all something extremely accessible & enjoyable to listen to, while also providing us with a video that brings his personality straight into the spotlight where it so obviously belongs – check out Dari’s latest single “Come To Me P2” below!

Find out more about Dari from his official page at Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/dxri25

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