Dannii Scott – Saudade Sessions

 Dannii Scott – Saudade Sessions

I’m feelin’ it Dannii Scott, yessir.

I’ve also had the privilege of hitting up Venice Beach where the man is based out of at least a couple times back in the day, long before the greys hit my beard.  Beautiful place, no doubt about it – and good lord, warm & sunny, just as the pictures used to show me while I’d be freezing up north in Canada here.  As best I can remember it to be, Dannii Scott is a visual & audio representation of the look & the style – I can recall crusin’ up & down the legendary boardwalk beside the beach, and if my memory serves me correctly, this guy would fit right in with the natural sound you’d find drifting in along with the ocean breeze.  I’ve had an awesome time venturing into the world of music Dannii makes & chillin’ out with this dude’s tunes…he’s got a genuinely nostalgia-inducing vibe that has you dreaming out loud with him.

That sample cut up top is one of the three tracks that are available from the Saudade Sessions – a live acoustic performance/reference to the six-song EP he cut last year, in advance of the full-length album on schedule to be coming out in 2021, also called Saudade.  There are…man…so many things to love about what this guy can do – and ultimately, what makes so much of this extraordinary is the fact that it all boils down to a man & his guitar.  Say what you like about the simple recipe of ingredients, it’s all about the flavor y’all – and this man’s got tons in his music you’re gonna love.  Think of it this way…I’ve been listening to Dannii’s set-list on repeat and watching these videos intently, captivated really – that’s a huge credit to the X-factor & smoothness in Scott’s sound – you can slide right on into this guy’s music with ease, and you’ll absolutely love what you see onscreen as well.  If I’m not mistaken…while it’s not exclusively revealed – Dannii’s on a boat as far as I can tell; in fact, you’ll even see a moment in one of his videos…the one for “Ride The Wave” & “Be My Love” actually has a passerby somewhat interrupt the session right in the middle of the man jammin.’  Like – who even DOES that yo?  Truthfully, there’s an extremely awesome, telling moment that’s documented right there in front of you, plain as day – you can see a brief flash of pain/devastation on Scott’s face as a result of the song having to come to an end, but you can also see the professional that Dannii truly is in the rebound, going on to lay it down sweet like candy on “Be My Love” after “Ride The Wave” was abruptly cut short on his by a curious random person out there strollin’ on by.  Sometimes these moments can settle a performer right into the zone as a result; you’ll hear that in full effect as Dannii Scott goes on to deliver during “Be My Love,” 100%.

While any cut would have been a solid choice to represent the laidback vibes he creates, “Not To Worry” seemed to be the track that really felt like a flawless moment in time everyone would dig on without hesitation.  The video by Esteban Alvarado is perfectly shot to suit Scott’s grounded & down-to-earth sound, and the result of the effect is that we all feel like we’re sitting right there in the room as this happens…or boat…you get it…wherever this is happening at, it’s like we’re right there in the front of it all experiencing the magic as it happens.  “Not To Worry” gives you an immaculate dose of the chilled out charisma this guy packs into his sound and the naturally organic connection he clearly has with music all-around; some people are born to make music, simple as that – and Dannii Scott is one of them.  If you couldn’t hear it for some reason, believe me, you could see it just as clearly – this guy goes straight into the zone more than willingly, locks right into the moment, and puts his heart & soul into every second he’s strummin’ & singin’ for ya – and it truly makes all the difference in the world as to why one man with a single guitar can be so righteously entertaining.  As far as I can tell, Dannii Scott’s the ice-man when it comes time to perform – he’s here to play some tunes and let the moment be what it is, and find that specialness of the right here & now in the music he’s playing.  When it comes to his sound & style, he’s got enough warmth in his vibes to rival that of the sun hangin’ over-top of that Venice boardwalk.  From the inherently unforced degree of coolness you’ll find in tunes like “Wish You Well,” to the stellar songwriting he reveals through “Not To Worry,” and the absolutely stellar set of songs he’s chosen to rock on the Saudade Sessions live – this whole thing was a really smart move on Dannii’s part and a great introduction to what he’s like if you haven’t heard the name yet.  If you haven’t though, get used to hearin’ it & get used to sayin’ it – a lot in fact, as he’ll tell ya direct on “Ride The Wave” – Scott’s got big plans & dreams to realize in front of him, and he’s clearly ready to make the big moves that matter in 2021.  And so he should be – the man’s got genuine boatloads of natural talent.

Find out more about Dannii Scott from the official pages below!

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6x8OPrp4TTHBZBXldaFv2w

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/danniiscottdawg

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/dannii_scott

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/danniiscott_

Bandcamp:  https://dannii-scott.bandcamp.com

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