Danitto Kruz – “Temptation” Feat. Santiago Cercavins

 Danitto Kruz – “Temptation” Feat. Santiago Cercavins

Danitto Kruz – “Temptation” Feat. Santiago Cercavins – Single Review

Give this dude a round of applause and some real credit for finding a song that damn-near blends just about every genre into one on the new single, “Temptation” from Danitto Kruz! There’s absolutely nothing not to like about this boundary-defying new tune…genuinely loved it from its slow-pulse opening to its inspired and energetic ending. The build-up is a slow-grind of electro-infused vocals against an intense but sparse drumbeat…auto-tuned to all-kinds of craziness, Danitto Kruz demonstrates the skill it takes to use this effect professionally. The production on “Temptation” is absolutely SICK – everything about this track takes its moment to stand out brilliantly in the mix as the music continues on to become even bigger and more enveloping the longer it goes.

And HELLO guitars! Santiago Cercavins steps into the spotlight direct to absolutely light this track on fire from its second minute & forward…perfect precision-playing on a massive solo that soars straight into the stratosphere. Elements of pop, R&B, rock, alternative, electro, indie…it’s all combined completely excellently here on “Temptation.” Up until that second minute, you almost don’t realize the guitar has been there the entire time…it’s so subtle but truly drives the melody for Danitto Kruz to work with. Floating between a R&B, pop/rock vibe – the dude even busts out an entire flawless rap-verse to quickly demonstrate that he’s pretty much capable of it ALL.

I’m a big fan of music as far-reaching creatively as this tune is. The amount of cross-genre appeal that “Temptation” has makes the style & sound of Danitto Kruz pretty much as universal as it gets – and to be quite honest, this is music you WANT to hear. Excellent writing, flawless performances and the production is outstanding in every aspect…SO GOOD.

Definitely a sound I love – “Temptation” Featuring Santiago Cercavins ticks all the boxes for exceptional music – and I personally feel like we’ve definitely found something significant in music here today with discovering Danitto Kruz. My only sincere regret is that I only have this single to offer you for now and not a whole lot more of this wickedly-brilliant & vibrant combination of sounds from Danitto Kruz!

But they say good things come to those who wait…so I’ll be patient. I want to hear a LOT more from this spectacular musical-mind…there’s something excellent brewing here…I can hear it.

You can too! Click the track below and start this song up! Then head on over to Danitto Kruz’s official Facebook page to find out more! https://www.facebook.com/danittokruz

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