Daniel Alejandro – “Honey Dear”

 Daniel Alejandro – “Honey Dear”

An emotionally powerful singer with real drama, tone, & technique in his approach – Daniel Alejandro is making bold moves this year with his music!  We’ll be checking out his brand-new single/video for “Fly Me Away” and sharing our thoughts on that soon – for now, we’re featuring one of his latest from 2018 to get you warmed up to the strong & inviting sound of Daniel’s music with “Honey Dear.”  A brilliant & insightful exploration into the crumbling of relationships & love…& ultimately, what defines it all – Daniel has created a vividly expressive & thought provoking song full of poignant observations that will likely be relatable to many people out there through its tale of heartbreak, loss, & longing…he’s clearly a talented vocalist with an impressive range, and working with exceptional songwriters (Paula Teague, Catherine Rogers & Daryl Wallis) on “Honey Dear” that really suit his style & strengths – check out the video for for yourself below!

Find out more from Daniel Alejandro’s official website at:  http://danielalejandro.net

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