Da Challenger – Verbal Canvas Volume 1

 Da Challenger – Verbal Canvas Volume 1

Da Challenger – Verbal Canvas Volume 1

I can’t even begin to explain…obviously a LOT of changes around here at the homepage right now…and as beautiful as they all are…that’s a LOT of change for a curmudgeon like me. So let me just say…I was definitely looking to find me some music with a nice chill vibe to it…something that would relax, put me at ease…you know, something like comfort food…my food just happens to be music. Stumbling onto the latest album from Da Challenger, Verbal Canvas Volume 1…was EXACTLY what I needed right now.

I mean, I know you wouldn’t assume it to look at my garden-gnomish resemblance, but I grew up on a lot of the rap classics and giants of the genre…back in the day, as they say. That part of my musical resume comes in handy here, listening to this brings me right back to those days…where REAL lyricism was combined with creative breakbeats and REAL storytelling all working together cohesively in the craft.

Cause that’s exactly what we have here in Da Challenger.

Right from the drop, this MC gets himself right into the mic, displaying incredible flow, precision, skill and ingenious storytelling. WHY it all brings me back…well…I mean, I’ve said ‘rap’ but this is truly in the hip-hop style…Da Challenger’s lyrics are just perfectly timed, full of wit that is literally going to make you fall of your chair laughing, or simply crack a wry smile, knowing you can fully relate to what he’s spittin’ into the mic.

You can hear the nod to the old-school right away in tracks like “Body & Soul,” and “Out Of Town,” but don’t EVER take that as a negative – none of you out there! The amount of skill and comfort this guy demonstrates over the mic is nothing short of incredible. There’s no doubt in my mind that if there’s a microphone laying around in a place that’s recording-capable, he’s picking it up, doing his thang and feeling right at home in any environment. Seriously – this is a complete auditory pleasure and these first tracks really start all this out in the perfect direction.

“Rewind Time” is a solid track through and through, great hooks and really smooth beat to go with a wicked rhyme about the past meeting the present and reflection on his life. I really appreciate just how clear Da Challenger gets his rhymes across; through tone, lyrics and delivery – listen to “Watcher Freestyle” – this is as sick as EVERYTHING gets. First off all, Da Challenger is completely kicking ass all over the place here on this song…it’s just lyrically astounding with how well it fits into what is hands down one of the most subtly creative beats on this new album. I freakin LOVE it.

Verbal Canvas Volume 1…I can only hope I’ll live long enough to get to listen to Volume 50. Again, I’ve got no doubt whatsoever that if there’s an instrumental beat happening in the background, that Da Challenger is already piecing a rhyme together in his head. Let me say this directly to you all, so you get the gravity of what I’m trying to explain here…it is unbelievably rare to hear a mix of comfort & confidence like this over the mic – Da Challenger makes the most out of each and every ‘Verbal Canvas’ he raps on and really shows an entire skillset that is the complete package.

As the album continues into chapter two with strong, diverse tracks representing like “Another Night,” and “Pink Rain,” Da Challenger covers the map of the hip-hop genre from quick to slow, from smooth to smoother and each time delivering perfect bar after bar. There’s an absolute gift here, and true star-talent you can hear right in the vocals from this incredible MC.

I mean….someone out there’s probably gonna cringe cause I’m bringing this up….but “Pink Rain,” brings me back to my days of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince….this track reminds me of the nostalgic feeling I was able to get from the track “Ain’t No Place Like Home” off their album Code Red….again, from way back in the day…

“In A Night,” absolutely stock-full of old-school awesomeness, and anyone that drops a line like ‘roll up some tree’ is definitely OK with this BC-born music reviewer right here. There’s fantastic descriptions and inventive rhymes right through to the end. As “Letter To You,” plays out to the end, there’s almost an Outkast-meets-Biz-Markie thing going on here…maybe a little Jay-Z in a private Bey-only moment…

No matter what the combination of sound has been, Da Challenger comes out triumphant here, swinging with confidence and hitting his stride with full-force.

Find out more about him direct from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Da-Challenger-Muzik/120000284723738

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