Da Challenger – “Get Get Get It”

 Da Challenger – “Get Get Get It”

Da Challenger – “Get Get Get It” – Single Review

If I could communicate just how special it truly is to be immersed in the independent music-scene so long now that I’m privileged to know hundreds upon hundreds of bands – but the real magic in longevity is that you get to see, listen to & somewhat experience the evolution of fantastic talent, right before your own very eyes & ears. And of course…yes…that leads in to today’s artist in question – Da Challenger, who returns to us with a brand-new single & rhyme after meeting him for the first time through review only six-or-so months ago.

And keep in mind…sometimes evolution is a subtle-thang…it’s like we’re looking for an amoeba to erupt into a rampaging T-Rex overnight…or, well…ever I suppose…but you get my point…at least I think? Sometimes it makes for one helluva smooth ride during a time where you’ve already hit your stride hard and enter a process of simply refining tiny details along the path of making your music go from good to great. I think that’s closer to what we’ve got going on here today in this re-visit to a heavy-hitter we already know damn-well packs a knockout punch through his incredible lyrical abilities.

Like I was saying…sometimes that evolution is as subtle as adding on another level to the game you’re already playing extremely well; and Da Challenger is beefing up another aspect of his resume within the music industry on this later single “Get Get Get It.” I mean…just have a LOOK at that last album cover he put together when he dropped his album Verbal Canvas Volume 1…the guy looks like the young Ice Cube standing there just waiting for someone to hand him a microphone…but with this single, I found the man himself going back even further to the old-school ideas on how to make a beat correct and contain that real atmosphere, flavour & vibe with (did I mention?) tremendous results once again.

Dude is gifted that’s for sure. When you listen to this latest single you still get the incredible lyrical-flow that’s going to make him famous one day…but the beat truly works with Da Challenger extremely well on “Get Get Get It.” The whole thing rides smoothly and weaves through the rhymes fluidly, finding each crack & pulse in the beat & music to find their flow perfectly gripped in full control on-meter – and as we’ve come to know & expect from Da Challenger, on-point.

Da Challenger’s ability to write clever, precise hooks and deliver the melody of the beat through his catchy verses & multi-layered chorus anthems shines brightly once again on “Get Get Get It.” Definitely proving to be an artist you can certainly rely on beat after beat and track after track – Da Challenger has put together a solid single once again designed and ready to roll with you right into summer this year.

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