Da Butcher – All Hallow’s Eve

 Da Butcher – All Hallow’s Eve

What a wicked ride through five tracks!  Da Butcher has got himself a flow much similar to one of my favorite rappers/hip-hop artists of our generation, similar to our very own member of the Vancouver-based group crew, Swollen Members – he rhymes with incredible thought and skill, just like Prev-1.  It’s the tone and confidence in his delivery that easily set Da Butcher apart from the rest on this EP, All Hallow’s Eve.

Now…most of you already know I’m a big fan of the mixtape genre; it can be just like an amazing collage of sound, all coming together perfectly when it’s done just right, and it is here.  Da Butcher, right from the drop, gets things going with “All Hollow’s.”  Incredibly atmospheric, dark and full of that dark-alley feeling, this track immediately sets the pace on what quickly becomes a killer ride into hip-hop.

You can hear the dramatics and vibrancy in tracks like “Black Widow,” and “Feeding Frenzy;” well, all five tracks really.  Extremely well assembled, each track comes at you with texture, skill and a real talent for songwriting.  As far as hip-hop goes, this is the sound I’m looking for.  Something like “Feeding Frenzy,” is the perfect sample accompanied by an absolutely slamming bass beat that really drives this track along at full speed.  Add in another perfect flow from Da Butcher, and you’ve got yourself another wicked track coming at you as the EP finds the middle.

The regular EP ends with the next track “Last Breath,” which starts out with an absolutely ingenious sample…it nearly sounds like a member of The Beatles….not sure where it came from, but it’s perfectly used.  The intro to this track is completely unique – and a great segue into the real heartbeat of “Last Breath.”  Again, you can hear the passion and commitment in Da Butcher’s voice…and that makes ME a believer; there’s no doubt in my mind – this is the mixtape done RIGHT.

Now if you’re lucky, you’ve got yourself a copy of All Hallow’s Eve with the bonus track “L.I.F.E.” on it.  This R&B-infused hip-hop beat resembles the rumbling-side of The Roots….think of their dark side, on tracks like “Don’t Say Nuthin,” and you got something pretty impressively close here.  And of course, we don’t NEED two of the same songs – so being close is right where Da Butcher wants to be!  With his focus, his skill and subtle nod towards some of the greats in the hip-hop genre, Da Butcher has definitely put his A-game out there with All Hallow’s Eve.

Check it out further at:  http://www.datpiff.com/Da-Butcher-All-Hallows-Eve-Ep-mixtape.662101.html

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