Curse & Kisses – Lies

 Curse & Kisses – Lies

Curse & Kisses – Lies – Music Video Release

An aggressive beast of a tune from Curse & Kisses, called “Lies” has just been released in a heavy-bid for your attention in the last quarter of this year. This brooding new-single is also accompanied by a video, filmed both on & off shore, making for some excellent shots all edited together in a way that keeps the mystique and compliments the song. Some of you out there have already had a chance to see “Lies” when we posted it up on our last episode of SBS Live This Week – but if you haven’t, today’s a whole new day with another opportunity for you to do just that – check out the video below!

Responsible for the madness & mayhem you hear is but one man – Rudy – Curse & Kisses only official member. A lone-wolf to the extreme, you can tell by the serious look on his face throughout the video for “Lies” that this is certainly a man that means business! Self-describing the music as ‘orgasmic-rock rock-music that gives you extreme pleasure’ – at the risk of pissing the guy off, I ask you all – is there any other kind of orgasmic rock to be had out there?

Believe me…like I’ve mentioned…I don’t wanna piss him off & neither should you! The way he growls through the grinding guitars of “Lies” sounds imminently-menacing…like he’s right over your shoulder and about to drop the blade down… The atmosphere is tough, mean and strong throughout; Rudy has created himself a monster-sized sound to grind your teeth to.

In truth…the dude actually seems and sounds-like an extremely dedicated musician and one that truly loves what he does. I have a feeling to meet him is probably not as scary as the overall image he’s projecting in the video for “Lies,” but I still don’t think I’m going to be going in for a hug from him anytime soon…

The video itself is well-shot & well-edited…and also really well scouted-out in terms of location to shoot. Whether in the forest trees or in the water, Rudy keeps the dangerous vibe & look to it all flowing as the music pounds away relentlessly with behemoth power-chords rumbling in distortion like they’re ready to bulldoze the rainforest around him where he stands! Assisting Rudy in the video is an exceptionally-beautiful female enchantress, who hides through the trees presumably to escape the sounds of impending-doom surrounding her from the music. They both put in solid performances, and the contrast of beauty in the video against the raging darkness in the music makes for an entertaining watch/listen to the new single from Curse & Kisses.

You can check out more of my thoughts on the Curse & Kisses project on the latest episode of SBS Live This Week found here. We put the music in the spotlight for a minute or two and you can find out more about Rudy and get additional insights on “Lies” there in the episode. And of course – we spin the video right after…so you COULD in theory watch it there…or you could take the easy route and click the video below to have a look & listen to “Lies” from Curse & Kisses right away – you can’t lose!

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