Cultural Coalition – “Rise Up”

 Cultural Coalition – “Rise Up”

Dig this vibe homies – some of that positive hip-hop comin’ atcha to put some significant bounce in your step!  Cultural Coalition makes use of an empowering theme over a solid beat, pumping in a maximum dose of positivity designed to bring the old-school magic right into the here & now.  Detailing the struggle and what it takes to break through it all – you can hear through the lyrics that these emcees are determined to make their move in the music-scene, welcoming you all to join in on the fun as they “Rise Up” in 2018.  You’ve got nothing to lose & everything to gain – “Rise Up” will stock your soul with some much needed energy.  This crew’s got the spirit, attitude, and heart to make this single move you and your speakers in all the right ways – check it out down below and get yourself a taste of what Cultural Coalition brings to the game!

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