Crazyfixion – The Mask

 Crazyfixion – The Mask

Crazyfixion – The Mask – Album Promo-Video Release

As if THIS doesn’t get a guy stoked for what’s upcoming!

Check out this new promo-video for Crazyfixion’s third album being released soon, entitled The Mask. Visually, this mini-video is gritty, stunning and completely enticing! I mean, it MUST be more than just my own opinion – there are nearly 25000 views from music-fans of Crazyfixion and new fans like myself all anticipating the release of the upcoming set later this year – in only TEN DAYS of it being posted!

If this promo-video is anything to go on, this is going to be one freakin’ wild-electro ride. With what sounds like sharp personal-meets-social commentary in the sample…a mission statement of sorts, or proclamation that with or without ya – Crazyfixion is coming, ready to drop The Mask right into your playlists, onto your stereos and make some memorable noise!

It is always awesome to see an artist get behind their music with something as slick as this promo is. I’d have to learn more about the Crazyfixion ways to know for sure, but it certainly looks like from this video that the visual element of the entertainment factor runs as high as the music does. Honestly – this is exciting stuff, and this kind of excitement is only created by the kind of artist that truly believes in what he’s putting out there into our musical-universe.

Can’t say I’d blame him! The confirmation of Crazyfixion’s music, talent & skill is already made itself known – this dude literally RACKS UP views and listens like a full-on mainstream artist. It’s a great show of support and a fantastic indication that this mixologist is on his way to big, big places in music today. With this wicked new promo-video out there, he’s bound to turn even more heads and ears in his direction; this is the kind of exceptional video needed to bring the hype, but also done clearly in his style and gives you perfect insight as to where he wants to take the direction of the music.

I’m excited! And I bet you will be too. Check out the promo-video for The Mask, the new album from Crazyfixion dropping soon – and be sure to keep in touch with when that is by checking out his page at his official page here:

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