Come Taste The Misery – “Wrong Side Of Heaven” Feat. Nathan Hakoune

 Come Taste The Misery – “Wrong Side Of Heaven” Feat. Nathan Hakoune

Come Taste The Misery this morning!

Start your day off mired in the murky themes and incredibly thick sound slipping through your speakers & screens with the latest offering from Come Taste The Misery’s new Mirrors EP, called “Wrong Side Of Heaven” featuring a gnarly performance from Nathan Hakoune on the mic.  From the gripping guitars tones to the beastly rumble of the distortion soaring into the aura & atmosphere of this savage cut, Come Taste The Misery creates a brooding & moody slice of spot-on sludge/Metal that puts forth a slow-burning sound with highly enticing vibes ripping their way throughout “Wrong Side Of Heaven.”  An awesome example of how texture & tone can make all the difference when it comes to listening to music, you can feel the bold & cold sound of this single slide right into what’s left of your soul and make a memorable impact that’ll last long afterwards & threaten to haunt your bones well into the future.   Impeccable balance of strengths in the behemoth sound on “Wrong Side Of Heaven” – check out Come Taste The Misery’s new video/single from the Mirrors EP featuring Nathan Hakoune below!

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