Colorstarr – Sleepless

 Colorstarr – Sleepless

Colorstarr – Sleepless – EP Review

There is some extremely exciting music to talk about today at the ol’ homepage I tellz ya – turn up the volume and be ready for some wicked stuff! Gonna start up the energy with a band that I am absolutely loving right now called Colorstarr – they’re just about to release a fantastic EP called Sleepless upcoming on January 22nd. And when you think about it…at least from my perspective…I think it’s incredibly sweet of them all to have this ready in time for my birthday on January 25th – I didn’t even know they knew it was coming!

Even though there’s probably more than a 99.9% chance I had less-than-zero to do with Colorstarr making their music come to life here in January – it’s been no secret in-print here at the homepage that I 100% ADORE Australia and what very-well seems to be almost ALL of the music that comes from there. What I might not have ever mentioned is that this love is about twenty-years strong at this point…that entire continent seems to know what’s up no matter what genre or style seems to make its way across the water to us here in Canada. Many of you out there would discount this as pure-luck…or being shown the best the continent has to offer without digging into the rest…and I’d assure you this isn’t even remotely the case; I listen to so much from Australia it’s beginning to feel like the comfort of seeing an old-friend every time we find new music from there. Colorstarr is no exception to this rule; through the two-songs I’ve heard from the Sleepless EP, I honestly couldn’t imagine what a more inviting sound might even be like! Built of three pillars of musical-strength, Wilson, Paris and Marc are putting the rhythm and heart into the electro-indie grooves of Colorstarr with hooks so sparklingly-brilliant that resistance is purely futile.

Though I might not have them in the correct order as they appear on the official January 22nd release of Sleepless…I’ll give you the best insight I can on what’s happening with the music on the new Colorstarr EP. First impressions came out through the title-track, “Sleepless” – and again…for me personally, I can’t imagine establishing a bigger impact or quicker – this song immediately shines with electro-rhythms pulsing sweetly and a beat that keeps the energy flowing brightly throughout the entire song. Vocals start quickly…and they sound absolutely fan-freakin-tastic! Excellent ideas for the melody and matching it to the music in the verse…dude brings it perfectly to the microphone with pop-instincts that are delivered with full passion & sincerity that really make a strong connection with the listening-ear. As I mentioned in the intro…your odds of escape here are extremely low; Colorstarr certainly makes the music I know I want to hear personally and I can’t imagine millions of others out there wouldn’t feel the same way. The potential for massive-hits from this three-piece is completely there in every single possible way – and they’ve got me hooked entirely on their uplifting, confident and enthusiastic energy.

Whether the hypnotic groove of the chorus in “Sleepless” grabs you with its ever-enveloping pulse & pull or the smooth-flow & sparkling-melody in the verse & vocals does it…I can absolutely understand the reasoning behind the title, I’ll put it that way. I don’t know when specifically that it was that these three began to write “Sleepless” – but I know if I had written this myself I think it’d be about another year before I saw the sandman…the energy, enthusiasm and excitement of a band armed & ready with REALLY DAMN GOOD music is stamped on both of these incredibly high-quality tunes.

The latter tune originally comes from an EP of its own…”Do It Again,” which is another completely insatiable electro-enhanced rhythm & groove from Colorstarr shows up shining on Sleepless in the “Do It Again (Original Cali Mix).” It’s the kind of crisp, perfect indie-pop melody that’s so jammed-full of awesomeness that it would make you wonder how it ever found its way to a remix of any kind – I mean, this is NAILED TIGHT as can be isn’t it?

“Do It Again (Original Cali Mix)” completely confirms what you really already knew about Colorstarr from listening to “Sleepless” beforehand; they can do no wrong…they can only do right…and don’t forget, I listen to both daily, I’m telling you this is exactly what RIGHT sounds like! It has excellent guitars that chop out their notes like the dude’s cutting diamonds…the drumbeats are once again packing an extreme-amount of flavour and punch to the overall rhythm, completely adding to the dynamics in the writing of a hit-song like this. “Do It Again” actually reminded me much of the electro-sound/style that we found towards the end of last year from a band in New York called A Love Like Pi…I’m not necessarily suggesting either of these bands relocate entirely, but becoming pen-pals might just prove to be a rad relationship to start-up for potential cross-continental touring, just sayin’!

So…anyhow…I suppose there’s absolutely no hiding this one…I don’t just like this, I full-on loved this. I know I tend to be a little more subtle generally-speaking with my own enthusiasm – but I really think that Colorstarr is heading in all the right directions and anything I can do to help spread that word…you can can’t me in 100%. The Sleepless EP might be short in length, but it’s maxed right-out in terms of what it has to offer you…and I fully recommend being right there for this release on January 22nd to support them on this. They’ve got much more proof to their own consistency and all of the high-praise I’ve put in for them here in words today on their soundcloud page. I mean…any doubt at all, just check out at how STILL-AWESOME they were back three years ago in the past on a song called “Masquerade!” You’ll hear that, the depth in other perspectives and remixes they’ve put into their music and much more…but above all things…you definitely walk away with confidence knowing you’ll come back to Colorstarr again & again – and that if they’ve put out something new to listen to, you can expect the complete best from them, every time.

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