Clyde Robinson – “R.I.P Clyde”

 Clyde Robinson – “R.I.P Clyde”

Clyde Robinson – “R.I.P Clyde” – Single/Video Release

There’s never any telling how far an imaginative project/video can take an artist in today’s world; having a defined style, image or point of view could blast you from living an everyday life into the spotlight overnight with the right viral approach or idea.  No matter which direction you take…if you want that new video to attract the attention and catch on – you gotta intensely commit to the concept and really give it everything you’ve got to make it convincing, entertaining and the experience a highly repeatable one for the people out there…

…just like masked-emcee Clyde Robinson does.

Seriously – you gotta check out this rapper’s video for the song “R.I.P Clyde” – you’ll see that this guy has definitely committed to the idea…so deeply in fact he’s about one-strap short of a straightjacket!  But this unique presentation and the boldness of the look in combination with the innovative music he creates to rap a complex & skillfully-delivered narrative that explains some of the backstory behind Clyde Robinson and sets the stage for the wild & bizarre character he’s unleashing on the globe.  “R.I.P Clyde” has a ton of awesome ideas inside the video/song’s concept of introducing CR to us all, featuring sharp editing and well-shot footage that shows us what a day in the life is like for the masked-rapper.

Brought to us all through the assistance of Real Informal Productions – Clyde’s got style for miles and a unique visual angle that will bring people to the music.  Visuals are a fantastic tool to capture the interest – but it’s the music that retains the fans; “R.I.P Clyde” already highlights a multitude of reasons to listen to Clyde Robinson through the precision-flow all the way to the innovative ways that the music transforms and transitions alongside him.  “R.I.P Clyde” and the character of Clyde Robinson are more likely to take right off and soar to the top of playlists than have him sliding six-feet under…I have a real feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg for what is clearly a brilliantly creative mind and potential future superstar of audio/visual entertainment.

Find out more about Clyde Robinson from the Real Informal Productions page at YouTube:


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