CLOUDSURFERS – “Surf The Cloud”

 CLOUDSURFERS – “Surf The Cloud”

Genuinely blown away!  CLOUDSURFERS have everything going for them.

Not only is it entirely rare to find Punk so savagely well-played & riotously addictive as this crew is to begin with – but then you factor in the fact that “Surf The Cloud” is the freakin’ lead-single from their upcoming DEBUT album Don’t Know What Hit Me – and you gotta bow down & respect the amplified energy this band is about to take over the world with when the record drops next year.  Mind you, their global domination is already well underway…not only does the quality of their kickass Alt/Punk sound already have CLOUDSURFERS sounding like serious veterans of the scene this early on into their career – but it’s even MORE rare to find a band in ANY genre as well organized, geared up, and ready for that next level as you’ll find this band truly is.  No joke folks – I’m talking about a STELLAR video to support their first single, which is cleverly put out months in advance of their album, leaving them plenty of room for another if they wanna before Don’t Know What Hit Me comes out in 2021…but I’m also talking about a professional logo, social-media accounts active & ready to roll, MERCHANDISE that looks absolutely killer…you see what I’m sayin’ y’all – this ain’t no ordinary debut you’re in-store for.  The balance of strengths in this band, and the control they wield over their chaotic sound…is beyond impressive – you can hear the confidence & skill radiating from the guitars, bass, drums, vocals…they hold nothing back on “Surf The Cloud,” and as a result, this single comes out with the ferociously fierce energy you want in your Punk, with incomparable accessibility in their sound bound to cast a wide net and snag a huge audience with their smart songwriting, untamed performance, and hybrid versatility on full rampaging display.  They’ve already got me looking forward to next year without question – CLOUDSURFERS sound like they’re here on earth to do nothing else but kick not just some, but ALL of the ass through their amplifiers, and I’m absolutely 100% here for it – you will be too.  Check out “Surf The Cloud” below!

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