Cindy Horn – “This Love”

 Cindy Horn – “This Love”

Cindy Horn in the hizzzzzouse tonight y’all!  What better time to fire-up the Electro-circuits and get your party bumpin’ than on a Friday night?  Cindy’s got just the thing to help you set it off – a brand-new Trance single that’s stocked full of radiant energy and colorful neon sounds comin’ at ya, called “This Love.”  Not only will you get a solid dose of Horn’s vibrant style of dynamic & mesmerizing sound in action, but you’ll see from the title and the visuals in the video, that it’s fairly safe to say she’s been inspired to bring the people an experience that everyone can relate to & enjoy.  “This Love” will go on to reveal a ton of heartfelt & sentimental scenes onscreen throughout the video that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face; and when combined with the uplifting aura that surrounds the whole vibe that Cindy Horn is workin’ with, it makes for quite the sweet combo.  Check it out for yourself – give Cindy Horn’s new single “This Love” a spin below!

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