Churvin – “Silver Line” Featuring ダブル Suicide

 Churvin – “Silver Line” Featuring ダブル Suicide

All the way from New Zealand, Churvin’s here to lay some rhythmic bars on our Canadian pages on a tight cut he’s callin’ “Silver Line” featuring the talents of ダブル Suicide in the mix, giving it that extra layer of international flavor for your speakers to spill out.  You can see from the video that Churvin loves rappin’ – dude’s right into the vibe of “Silver Line” – can’t say that anyone would blame him, the music is killer and this emcee proves he can hold his own & do this track the justice it deserves as he rolls through the rhythm & flow of his words.  Check out the new video for “Silver Line” from Churvin and ダブル Suicide below!

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