Chef The Chef – “Kickback Session”

 Chef The Chef – “Kickback Session”

Sometimes it hits, sometimes it don’t – you never know.”  #YaButWeFeelinItTho

Pull up a chair yo – have a seat up in the front – we’ve got Chef The Chef cookin’ it up for ya from the backyard in a Kickback Session…and believe me when I say, this completely hits the spot right now.  Not only are we all missing live music these days, but Chef The Chef brings the HEAT and the literal FIRE to the m-i-c as he busts up a quick set of three cuts to keep y’all entertained in-full.  You can tell from this one experience alone that all CTC needs is a quick set up, a couple plugs, a beat machine & his natural skills, and you’ll be paying attention without question and hangin’ onto the man’s every syllable as he spits his truth.  It’s easy to see he’s got the persona & charisma that’ll make an impact on ya while he’s performing – but even more crystal clear is hearing Chef The Chef do his thang live in action – the man’s got style, swagger, and a fluid flow that’s designed to set him apart from the rest, and all the confidence required to use his powers at 100%.  For seven minutes straight he makes the magic happen with no interruption in this sample set of what the man is capable of – it’s the exact kind of quick concert that’s guaranteed to catch your interest and find out exactly what this man has been up to – and down there under the ol’ video, you’ll find all kinds of links that’ll take you to all those incredible spots on the internet where you can make that happen – check out the Kickback Session by Chef The Chef & find out more below!



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