ChantiMan – “FanTasy Fog”

 ChantiMan – “FanTasy Fog”

ChantiMan – “FanTasy Fog” – Single Review

Even from here in Canada, just by turning on the latest single released from ChantiMan will prove quickly that this guy feels the vibe way over the water in Belfast; doesn’t matter how much distance is between us, you can hear his enthusiasm, energy and excitement clearly in his latest track “FanTasy Fog.” The single itself has been out for nearly a year now, thriving online and currently closing in on the 40K hit-count/play mark – that’s impressive, no doubt about it.

I can understand it though, that’s for sure – “FanTasy Fog” is loaded with crossover appeal. Truly rhythmic & melodic for the first two-thirds of the track, loaded-up with sweet-sounding piano and vocal-flow…it’s a very dreamy & airy atmosphere in the opening and it doesn’t take long at all for ChantiMan to raise the energy-level even further with a sick beat added into the mix. Really clever…ukulele? I’m actually not quite sure what supplies the gentle strum sounds that work incredibly well in the breakdowns and get subtly-replaced by a flawless transition with the piano-line as the energy starts to rumble and the track brings the energy up to full-speed in the chorus.

ChantiMan sounds massively entertaining, energetic and enthusiastic on “FanTasy Fog,” in that really damn good kind-of contagious way. The hooks are fantastic…they work extremely well in both the vocals and the music, but it’s truly the energy in the performance that raises the atmosphere to the heights they reach – ChantiMan is a commanding presence in amongst this sparkling electro-pop track. Flashing extra-skills in the production department as well…this mix is nothing short of perfection and sounds incredible from the left to the right of your speakers. Twisting in a side of EDM briefly within the final minutes, ChantiMan has put on a whole clinic of how to combine sounds & styles flawlessly on “FanTasy Fog.”

And I’m just sayin…if you’re one of those people out there that somehow has room for PitBull in your world…try switching your stereos to ChantiMan instead…you couldn’t possibly regret it.

Truly a smart combination and creation here in “FanTasy Fog” and I can definitely understand why even nearly a year later this song is still being heavily promoted & played…though like any artist I stumble upon that makes great music, a single is never enough! Especially in a year! Gonna have to check into ChantiMan to see what else I can dig up…if this new-single is any indication at all, there’s a fantastic musicial-mind at work here and I’d definitely be interested in hearing more for sure.

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