Candice Russell – “So Much More”

 Candice Russell – “So Much More”

Ummm….Candice Russell… might just be one of my new heroes.

Anyone that talked with me yesterday going through a mess of computer issues on this beast of a computer that’s not even supposed to HAVE problems…knows that I’ve been up too late and up too early to simply stay on track right now and keep up with your demand for what we do here at sleepingbagstudios.  It’s a humbling experience to find out where your limitations are…but we’re all human I suppose right?  That’s the theory if I remember it right…

What’s truly humbling to me is to realize how small these issues, be they technical or otherwise…anything we’re facing here in our privileged first world generally falls into the category of ‘it’s really not that bad;’ let’s face it – we probably all know someone going through a more challenging life than our own.

What I wasn’t expecting was all these tears on my face.

I know I’m overtired…but I’m pretty sure that this video would have brought those waterworks on no matter what.  Partnering with Visual Aid Inc., Reflect Records and the Make A Wish Foundation….Candice Russell has put together the song & video for “So Much More” which features a great many kids from the program, presumably all who’s wish was to be a part of a music-video or perhaps to simply just be up on a TV screen one day….and she’s made that wish come true.

Candice Russell has created a massively strong anthem here in this new song.  Empowering, uplifting and truly a bright spot to all our days – no matter who you are this video will make you smile & cry from the pure joy of seeing people come together like this to create awareness by truly doing something meaningful and outright awesome.  I can’t personally thank her enough for doing what she’s done here…this is an awesome display of using that musical platform to do some good in this world.  Not only does Candice sing this beautifully, perfectly and powerfully – but you can see by the very smiles on these faces that wishes really did come true through making this video; she should be incredibly proud of this accomplishment.

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