Campfires And Coffees – “The Walk Of Us”

 Campfires And Coffees – “The Walk Of Us”

Campfires And Coffees – “The Walk Of Us” – Single Review

One of my favorite things as a music-reviewer, if not THE thing I love most bar-none, is when I run into an artist or band out there about to take that leap from the safety of the ol’ family & friends, and start to seek out a professional opinion.  First & foremost, it’s always a compliment when they show up at our particular door, and it’s a great excuse for me to consider myself to be a professional, if only for a moment or two.  It’s much more to do with the trepidation of the situation though folks…that anticipation of ‘what exactly ARE we gonna find here?’ – and I’ll admit, you kinda end up bracing yourself on this side of the screen, because you never really know what’s gonna come back through those speakers before you push play.  Should I be worried?  Should I be excited?  Maybe both?

Then of course, there are a few circumstances that’ll make the whole experience even more rare – and that’s when you listen to that first branching out into the world of criticism, and you have to ask yourself – Campfires And Coffees, what on earth took you so long?  The court of public opinion is going to more than willingly support this song of yours Stephen Juanito – if you even think for a single, solitary second that you get to keep this gem to yourself, think again my friend!  “You are not alone” in hearing how special this whole Campfires And Coffees project you’re starting up truly is – these are universal vibes.

Essentially, it’d be a whole lot easier to list what I don’t like about this song considering there’d be nothing to write down.  No lie, no hyperbole – I wouldn’t change even a fraction of this song, and I’ve got no advice for Campfires And Coffees other than to continue heading right down the path it’s already on.  Leaving a dude like Stephen to his own devices & creativity is always going to be the best recipe for success…you can hear this dude’s got all the right instincts & talent required to stand out naturally.  You factor in the stellar sound he’s got on a track like “The Walk Of Us” with the astoundingly altruistic way this guy lives his life outside of the music helping struggling families in the Philippines…I mean…there’s absolutely every reason to support Stephen & Campfires And Coffees as far as the eye can see online.  I’m such a fan of consistency, that to hear the sincerity in his music is one thing, but to see it in action through his efforts to help assist others, was another thing entirely – Stephen is the real deal, as they say…as authentic as people can be, a remarkable artist, and a person that makes this planet BETTER.

Alright.  So.  Lemme tell ya about why “The Walk Of Us” is so incredible, and give me the opportunity to prove I’m not just spewing out some kind of promotional babble of positivity here atcha.  First of all, this song completely fits right in the space between two names I completely love & music I personally listen to all the time, which is somewhere in the realm of a Black Lab-meets-José González – and that’s great company to be keeping sound-wise in my opinion.  Stephen Juanito will more than convince you on his own beyond any words I could ever write myself though, I promise ya that – you’ll hear the powerfully emotional & expressive vocals he’s got instantly as the song begins…and lemme tell ya folks, he will go on to absolutely dazzle you with his performance in the chorus of this tune.  As a lyricist, he’s equally gifted – and we’ll be posting up the lyric-video right here at our pages after I post this review up for you all, so that you can check these words out in full-detail onscreen at the homepage here.  Humble, insightful…and impressively real – you’ll find Campfire And Coffees does embrace a melancholic thread at points along the way, but you’ll be truly amazed by how the uplifting thread of hope prevails in this song and becomes its most shining, dominant, and inspiring trait as “The Walk Of Us” continues on.  As a songwriter, Stephen’s unafraid to dive in deep and truly examine how things feel without holding back – and as a result of that, your ears will confirm that what you’re listening to is every bit as genuine as it all sounds like it is.  Production is fully on-point…he’s got a wonderfully professional style & sound that’s 100% ready for the spotlight as it is already…and if this is truly the beginning stages of Campfires And Coffees branching out into the world…I think we’re all gonna be blown away by how far this dude’s music is going to reach around the globe over these next years to come.  Because all I’m hearing, and all I’m seeing from his lyric-video to his sites online…are reasons to continue…to keep going…to remain stoic on his mission to bring a bit more light & love to this planet through all that Stephen’s been doing.  From the immaculate way the drums enhance the entire vibe of this song so brilliantly, to the essential contributions in the backing vocals, and Juanito’s compelling lead…to the pure heart in the melody and the fantastic hook of the chorus…there’s just no arguments to be had otherwise – “The Walk Of Us” is an absolute gem of a song no matter what angle you examine it from.  It’s more than a matter of me just looking forward to what comes next from Campfires And Coffees – that’ll be considered essential listening over here on this side of the screen here – and I’d be more than willing to bet you’ll feel the same as I do.  True specialness & undeniable authenticity is something we can always hear & experience on a universal level – and you’ll hear it radiating from every pore of your speakers when this man makes music; I’m beyond impressed with what I found in “The Walk Of Us” – this is a stellar song in every way, and an artist that was destined & meant to make music.

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